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Winter Garden Clean-up

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The last few days I’ve been working around the farm doing winter cleanup, like removing corn-stalks, tomato plants, and squash plants from the garden. I decided to leave the “Huge” dried sunflowers, because the birds love the seeds,and it’s a good food source after the snow arrives.  I also raked up pruned lavender cuttings, from around the plants that Joe just finished pruning.  A lot of work goes into preparing the garden for the dormant period, and we’ll continue throughout this month.

Our Sunflowers grew big this year
Our Sunflowers grew big this year

As the rains begin, I need to seal the windows on my Retail Cottage with plastic. Our Retail Cottage is a remodeled “Tuff  Shed”, and the antique windows need “TLC” to hold-up during winter weather, or the water will run down the bottom of the windows and inside the cottage wall…not good….

When I’m done working outside in the garden, I’ll start packing web orders for mail out orders, and then I think I will relax with a cup of Lavender Chai Tea 🙂