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Spring Gardening

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The sunshine warms my face as I begin spring clean-up around the lavender farm. Not sure if the seasons are changing where you are, but for us it is coming on a bit early this year. The first place I start is in the wildflower section. The warmer weather promotes new growth quickly, and there’s still a lot of dead flower stems, and grass that need to go. I do this ‘Carefully‘, not to step on the many little ‘Sweet William’, Hollyhock, Columbine, & Shasta Daisy’s.

This is also the time I dig out a few hundred small Lupine starts. I love Lupine, as you can see, and we go crazy in Lupine!!! It can take over if It’s left unattended. I hope to grow a few hybrid varieties this year in color shades of Yellow and Red :-O !! These wildflowers are not for upick, they are just for everyone to enjoy, smell, and listen to the hum of Bumblebees enjoying the wild life. I think I will enjoy a warm cup of Lavender Chai Tea when I take my break (with a spot o’honey, of course). Happy Gardening!

Lady Lavender

Lupine...our first flowers of the year
Lupine...our first flowers of the year

PS-If you have a photo of garden projects that you are working on, or completed…send them in to me!