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A Few Of My Favorite Things At Christmas

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My Mother and I enjoyed the Christmas Carols at the Advent Concert this week. It brought back sweet memories of our family gatherings when Grandmother would play the piano, or her Mandolin, as we sang our favorite Christmas Carols, “Joy The World and Hark The Herald Angels Sing” ! Hearing these songs again inspires a spirit of caring,  love, and sharing with family & friends, and there’s nothing more wonderful than that!

With the chilly temperatures and snow falling outside I get inspired to bake some of our favorite cookies and breads, with a cup of  hot chocolate in hand!  Awe…the traditions and memories of baking with my dear daughter when she was younger, these are such fond memories! I still love to bake gingerbread cookies, only now I make it with a twist…”Lavender Gingersnaps”, or “Molasses Lavender Cutout Cookies”. Culinary Lavender is a great compliment with ginger and molasses. Another favorite recipe of mine is Christmas “Stollen” German Bread, and Christmas “Panettone” Italian Bread. I fill these breads with dried Pluots, raisins and nuts, “soaked overnight in Brandy or Rum”…that’s my secret to this wonderful holiday bread.

After a day of baking,  I have the urge to get out doors and play!! I invited a couple young girls from next door, and their Mother to join me.  We had a wonderful  Snow day, making Snow Gals!! Do you ever feel “Upside Down” like our snowman from the stress of life?…Inhale the calming aroma of lavender essential oil, then get outside and play in the Snow…if you’re luck to have some! Our dog Sadie loves to help out too, and pose for photos afterward 🙂

A beautiful white blanket covers the lavender, transforming the garden into our Winter Wonderland!  We are thankful for the beauty that surrounds us, and fills our lives. <3

Merry Christmas, and may you enjoy wonderful moments with your family and friends this holiday season! Have a peaceful, joyous, and safe holiday! Best to you always,

Lavender Lady

First Snow Of The Season

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Our first snow at our lavender farm for the season. More is in the forecast and we welcome it! Here are a few pictures that I took as I strolled around the farm admiring the “White Beauty”!

Lovely White Beauty! I look forward to getting my cross-country skis out! 🙂

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all!





Happy New Year!!! “2010”

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We woke up to 7″ of fluffy white snow covering our field of Lavender.  As I was packing up a few web-orders to ship out, I started anticipating my play in the snowy field outside!! I always get a whimsical feeling when I look across the untouched beauty of snow covered hills and trees!!  I watched the Titmouse, “black-capped chickadee” hop around after seeds, and day-old popcorn that I scattered out for her. I need to get outside, too!

🙂   Putting on my x-country skis, I skied down the snowy road. The sunshine felt lovely on my face!!! The snow was light and fluffy, full of sparkles, and my Lab, Sadie left tracks in front of me.

I Stopped to make a few snow angels. I named them “Contentment and Simplicity”. They are my friends for this New Year “2010”!!


Not Quite Spring Yet…

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Irene, the snow-gal
Irene, the snow-gal

A few days of 58’ temps, and it feels like spring. We’ve even started pruning the Lavender and other perennials at our farm. But, we got up today to another winter blast, of 3 ½” of snow! It’s beautiful as I look out at the fluffy white blanket covering the Lavender fields, and watch the sunrise. This is not uncommon for us at the time of year, since our U-Pick farm is 1700’ elevation. I will take today off, and continue our spring clean-up another day. I’m going outside to play in the snow, and build a snowman or “snow-gal, Irene”.  Spring’s on its way…for real!!!

Snow Angels in Lavender

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Lavender Lumps
Lavender Lumps

After a bit of work filling orders for the post lady to pick-up, I dressed warmly for a walk outside in our “Winter Wonderland”. Oh how serene, quiet and peaceful it is, looking around at the white puffs covering the fruit trees, tall firs, and puffs piled on top our sleepy Lavender plants. I think the quiet beauty calms me inside; as I take deep breaths and look around; I smile. I know, I’ll make some “Snow Angels”, 7 in all, one for each person that I have on my heart. A dear lady who lost her husband, a husband who lost his wife; 2 people fighting cancer, my dear daughter and son, and one of our friends. I hope they find peace in this season, and may joy and love surround them each day. Peace  {{:){