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Stocking Stuffer For Your Precious Pet!

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your pet? We are pet lovers too, so we have the perfect gift that says “we care how you feel”! Our Precious Pet Salve helps soothe skin conditions, and calm anxious pets. It is a potent natural antiseptic and astringent, that helps to moisturize, and encourage healing of dry skin, hot spots, eczema, dermatitis, minor cuts and wounds, abrasions and help alleviate pain and itching. It’s extremely hydrating and nurturing to skin, due to the rich natural butters and oils blended into this amazing salve. This rich and healing Pet Salve is All Natural and Pet Safe! Perfect Precious Pet Stocking Stuffer!

Our two Precious Pets Sadie & Gunther wish you and your pets a Happy Holiday, filled with joy, peace, and many wonderful memories!




Natural Pet Care “Precious Pet Salve”

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We just dropped off an order of our newest product “Precious Pet Salve” at Gorge Dog in Hood River! We are very excited about this healing salve for our Precious Pets! It is All Natural and Pet safe!

This amazing product was formulated after many requests from our customers for a healing product for pets. Precious Pet Salve is very healing, and we have used this on our own dogs for everything from scrapes to a nasty neck wound from a wild coyote attack! Our Jack Russell was attacked, during the day while he was tethered in our front yard, next to his kennel… that’s probably what saved his life! Joe found him inside his kennel with a large wound on his neck, and we rushed him to the Vet. He received a shot of antibiotics, and we proceeded to care for his wound, cleaning it daily with lavender essential oil,  and applying our shea butter salve, and wrapping it in gaze & medical tape. He looked like a ninja dog 🙂 In 6-8 weeks his wound was healed.

Our Precious Pet Salve is formulated with unrefined Shea Butter, Mango Butter, and our Lavender Essential Oil along with our Helichrysum Immortelle, and Clary Sage, and other powerful healing oils, and essential oils with natural antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It moisturizes and encourages rapid healing, and stimulates cellular regeneration, increasing blood flow to wounds, minor cuts, abrasions, dry skin, hot spots, eczema, dermatitis and burns, also helps alleviate pain and itching. Helps calm down anxious pets and hydrate the skin. Precious Pet Salve is made in small batches, and is to be used liberally on the affected areas. Store in a cool area, as it will melt at hot temperatures. This amazing Salve has an earthy aroma from the lavender, Immortell, Clary Sage, Lemon, Cedarwood, Oakmoss etc., that helps prevent further licking and biting of the irritated area on your Precious Pet 🙂 Don’t let your pet suffer ….


This question was asked by one of our customers: “Can this salve be ingested by animals? Some will want to lick the salve when you spread it on their sore.”

Thanks for your email. Yes, it is pet safe if they lick it. If they ate the whole tin at one time it may loosen them up a bit, but just licking it when applied to the affected surface, should be fine. This amazing Salve has an earthy aroma from the lavender essential oil and other essential oils that helps prevent further licking and biting of the irritated area on your Precious Pet 🙂  All natural butters and oils are used in our pet care formulas, but often products on the market will use other synthetic or petroleum carriers. You can warm the salve up in your palm to make it more liquid if that helps apply it to the animals skin. May your precious pets be healthy, we all LOVE them!