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Fairest Spring Flowers

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As we patiently wait for our lovely lavender flowers, our wildflowers are preparing to explode with Springs fairest flowers. Our Lupines are among the first flowers to arrive in our wildflower garden. These spectacular blooms transform our garden into a paradise of beauty, providing exquisite color that many photographers and artists love to capture!  Soon after the Lupines bloom, our Iceland Poppies, Hollyhock, and Foxglove will bloom.

1st Lupine blooms
1st Lupine blooms

We also welcome back, our most precious creature, the tiny Humming Birds. I love to sit on our covered patio and admire these tiny birds as they dance around their feeders. Many customers sit for hours admiring and photographing these precious creatures.

We hope you plan to come out and visit this month, to enjoy the beauty of flowers, our hummers, and serene mountain views. Don’t forget your cameras, or art supplies.