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Precious Encounter At Work Today!

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Hummingbird on our feeder
Hummingbird on our feeder

Photo by Ned Li

In the morning I planted a few Columbine flowers, and Mondo Grass around my cottage, and while I was relaxing inside I had a very precious encounter.  One of our tiny bits of magic, a hummingbird, flew into the cottage. The back door was shut, and the tiny creature fluttered about, not knowing where to go, and flew up to the window. I quickly opened the back door, hoping this would help the bird find its way out. It continued the flutter anxiously, hitting it’s beak on the window. I lifted the curtain,  hoping it would move from the window.  It stopped flying and sat on the window pain, so I cupped my hand around it’s tiny body and held it…..Oh my gosh, what a precious moment it was, holding that tiny creature, it laid so still and calm in my hand!……… Then quickly I walked out to the patio, looked down at the tiny bird to see if it was alive, and so quickly it flew out of my hand…That was one extremely special moment that I will never forget! What a miracle those tiny creatures are! I love this garden that I get to spend so many wonderful hours in!! I hope you will plan to come visit our lavender farm this Mother’s Day weekend, and sit on the patio with me, and let time slow down a bit, while we watch these lovely tiny hummingbirds flutter about!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful Mothers!!