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Enjoy More Calming Peace In The New Year – 2016!

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Here are a few of our most joyful, calm, moments at our surreal lavender farm! We hope you will sit back and enjoy them as you Smile along with us! 🙂 We had an amazing year, and are looking forward to making more delightful, enchanting memories this coming year – 2016!! Cheers!! Music by Richard Tillinghast & Onehum

May this be the Best year ever filled with much love, calming peace, and relaxing times for you! Get outdoors, and find healing beauty, as you look into the face of a flower! 🙂

Best lavender daze pic 2 bob kochBest Tiffany in WildflowersIMG_2567[1]IMG_3367Cheers to a beautiful New Year 2016!!

Much Love, Lavender Lady

Happy New Year!!! “2010”

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We woke up to 7″ of fluffy white snow covering our field of Lavender.  As I was packing up a few web-orders to ship out, I started anticipating my play in the snowy field outside!! I always get a whimsical feeling when I look across the untouched beauty of snow covered hills and trees!!  I watched the Titmouse, “black-capped chickadee” hop around after seeds, and day-old popcorn that I scattered out for her. I need to get outside, too!

🙂   Putting on my x-country skis, I skied down the snowy road. The sunshine felt lovely on my face!!! The snow was light and fluffy, full of sparkles, and my Lab, Sadie left tracks in front of me.

I Stopped to make a few snow angels. I named them “Contentment and Simplicity”. They are my friends for this New Year “2010”!!