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It’s Green All Around Our Lavender Farm

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Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful Mother’s out there!! <3  And Happy May!
I love seeing all the green around our farm!! The spring rain that we had yesterday and today will definitely encourage lots of new growth of flowers and weeds alike….Time to get into the “rhythm of the season”…the natural process of things in the garden, and farming. It starts with a Dream, lots of intention, action, patience, more action, more patience, Faith, a Vision, more Action with garden gloves, trowel, hoe & shovel 🙂  Oh the joy, and reward farming brings!! I love spending time on my farm, breathing the fresh country air, and the wonderful smell after the cool spring rain!! There’s so much energy that flows into my bones & muscles when I’m outside on the farm working, or when I just relax on a bench! 🙂
 As I gaze across our fields of lavender plants, I anticipate this summers blooming beauties, their heavenly fragrance and all the wonderful folks that will visit our farm! 🙂 My heart jumps at the thought of it happening again little by little…day by day our farm will transform, and 1000’s of lovely bees and birds will enjoy our organic space with us.. Serene, quiet, and peaceful  <3
These two ladies visited yesterday, shopped in my retail cottage, then enjoyed a few moments relaxing, blowing bubbles together! Yes, blowing bubbles in the rain!!…it’s exhilarating & joyful, you should try it 🙂
This is our “10th” year at our Upick farm!!We are Super excited about the season ahead!! We are open for the season now, seven days a week, 10:00-5:00 Monday through Saturday, and 11:00-5:00, Sunday. Yeah!! 🙂
Below is a photo I took last year in July with 1000’s of gorgeous lavender in bloom, and beautiful Mt. Hood! When our farm  transforms the fragrant beauty is amazing, magical, and breath-taking.. delightful eye candy!!
Best flowers lavender farm
My first lovely Lupine, “Blue Bonnet”, bursting out of winter sleep with her loveliness for us to enjoy! There will soon be 100’s more to follow, and Iris also 🙂 Be sure to visit this month to see the wildflower garden at the center of our farm! It will unfold with showy beautiful colors & fragrant aromas. (I will be posting photos daily on Instagram, my handle is: “lavenderlady”, for you to experience each moment with me)  Awe…what joy! 🙂



I took this photo of our farm early in June facing north toward Mt. Adams in Washington. I love the “splash of color” from the Torch Lilly Red Hot Poker, Kniphofia uvaria, and Shasta Daisies!!
Best pic flowers lavender
Bright and cheerful, lovely and fragrant…always sure to bring a Smile!! 😀
IMG_8330 Best flowers scattering more Lavender flowers
Today I scattered more flower seeds into my Wildflower Garden. These beauties are another lavender-colored flower,  Papaver somniferur. I can hardly wait to see their faces dancing in the breeze. 🙂 Again, I will need patience as I wait on the process, for the seeds to germinate, and the spring rain today will help in that process.
Oh the Joy of Farming! Happy Spring!
* I want to introduce my newest baby at the farm, Baby Ella 🙂 Here she is with her lavender “green” head wreath, that I made for her, to celebrate May!! And she’s already lovin her green life on a Lavender Farm! 🙂
Ella is my sweet Joy!!!! 🙂  She is 11 weeks old now, a Lab-Golden Retriever mix. Our 13 yr old Lab, Sadie girl, is a huge help training her. Below, Baby Ella at 8 weeks when I brought her home to our lavender world. 🙂 Precious baby! When I went to pick her out of the large litter of 9 pups…she came up and sat on my foot 🙂 OMGoodness, she was meant for me, she choose me!!  🙂 Sigh….such sweetness!! We <3 her, and Sadie girl is warming up to her silly Puppy energy…the other day Sadie was chewing on Ella’s chew toy, KONG! Good girl Sadie & Ella!
We are training Ella to be our new Greeter on the Lavender Farm 🙂 The pic above is her first visit to the farm, and she was thrilled to romp around her new lavender world!! And what a fun, fragrant…calm lavender world it is!!
Lavender Lady Essentials
Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful, loving, caring, giving Mother’s!! I will be sharing samples of my favorite Lavender Lemonade today and Sunday to celebrate Mother’s that visit 🙂
Our Retail Cottage is bursting with the heavenly, calming aroma of lavender and our soothing, healing, tasty lavender products. When customers visit, I say, “Welcome to our farm & be sure to visit our “aromatherapy cottage”… quaint with a big Aroma”!
Best pic lavender retail cottage
IMG_9996Happy May! Unwind with Lavender!
XX Lavender Lady


Happy Mother’s Day ~Lavish Mother in Love!

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Happy Mother’s Day blessings to all our wonderful Mothers!

On this special weekend, we celebrate our Mother’s! I want to pause and think about all the many ways my mother gave her loving caring, and nurturing guidance to me. I love music, because my mother played the organ & piano at home and church. I love baking, because my mother always baked home-made bread for our family. My joy of caring for others comes from my Mom too. These are just a few aspects of how my sweet Mother’s loving touch made a dynamic impact on my life!

“Thank you Mother, I lavish you with my love!”

While you’re out for an afternoon drive with your Mother, drop by our farm for a sample of my favorite Lavender Mint Shortbread, to enjoy along with our Lavender Mint Tea. Sit a spell in our lavender garden and watch our humming birds dance around our covered patio, enjoy the gorgeous mountain views, and just “relax with Mom”.

Pear Trees in Bloom 5-6-2011
Pear Trees in Bloom 5-6-2011

Precious Encounter At Work Today!

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Hummingbird on our feeder
Hummingbird on our feeder

Photo by Ned Li

In the morning I planted a few Columbine flowers, and Mondo Grass around my cottage, and while I was relaxing inside I had a very precious encounter.  One of our tiny bits of magic, a hummingbird, flew into the cottage. The back door was shut, and the tiny creature fluttered about, not knowing where to go, and flew up to the window. I quickly opened the back door, hoping this would help the bird find its way out. It continued the flutter anxiously, hitting it’s beak on the window. I lifted the curtain,  hoping it would move from the window.  It stopped flying and sat on the window pain, so I cupped my hand around it’s tiny body and held it…..Oh my gosh, what a precious moment it was, holding that tiny creature, it laid so still and calm in my hand!……… Then quickly I walked out to the patio, looked down at the tiny bird to see if it was alive, and so quickly it flew out of my hand…That was one extremely special moment that I will never forget! What a miracle those tiny creatures are! I love this garden that I get to spend so many wonderful hours in!! I hope you will plan to come visit our lavender farm this Mother’s Day weekend, and sit on the patio with me, and let time slow down a bit, while we watch these lovely tiny hummingbirds flutter about!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful Mothers!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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This is the time when we celebrate our Wonderful Mother’s, so let’s spend extra time with them, and shower them with love.  Thanking them for all they’ve done for us, and all the sacrifices they’ve made.  And maybe extend some of that love, wishing a total stranger,  Happy Mother’s Day.  It is said, “there is a Mother in every woman”! Happy Mother’s Day, love and blessings to all you dear Mother’s out there. I hope your day will be a joyous one!

Best blessings. Lady Lavender

OH…I am giving a free sachet to every Mother that comes to our u-pick farm this Sunday. Mention you saw this post and get your sachet!

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother