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Calming memories of Grandmother Lucy

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We just sent out our newsletter, as we anticipate Spring, watching the snow fall around the hills in our beautiful valley. I’m getting nostalgic about one of my favorite memories of my beautiful, sweet Grandmother, Lucille. She was diagnosed with Dementia many years ago. When I visited her at the assisted living home, I always carried a bottle of Lavender essential oil with me. It helped bring calming peace into her room when I would apply a few drops to a ceramic diffuser, that I hung up on a light switch next to her bed. She always liked to look her best (as all ladies do), so I would brush her hair, and curl it with a tiny curling iron, and take time, giving her my loving touch! Spending time with her, seeing her smile, and loving on her, brought us both much joy! I’m so very thankful for her calm, pleasant spirit, during all that she went through.  🙂

Sometimes I would apply a few drops to the hand cream by her bed, and give her a hand & arm massage, and rub the cream with oil, onto the back of her neck and shoulders. It always calmed her down, and helped her sleep more peacefully.

I loved my Grandmother Lucille (Lucy), and will hold her in my heart forever. <3

Relaxing, Tranquil Spa Day

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Today I took the day off from my lavender garden, to enjoy a lovely, relaxing facial & massage at “Strawberry Mountain” Spa/Salon. The tranquil experience began from the moment I stepped into the spa with the calming music, a cup of green tea, and a fresh rose on my heated spa chair.  Allove, was my lovely Esthetician, encouraging me to relax with the delicate, soothing, yet stimulating facial treatment, and massage.  It included facial massage, and also neck, shoulder, hand, arm massage, and gentle touch on my feet 🙂  I have extremely sensitive skin, and Allove was careful to personally choose , ‘just for me‘, each skincare product for my treatment.  The soothing aromas from the nourishing essential oil, herbal elixirs, and floral hydrosols, helped transcend me to a calming state inside, encouraging me to inhale deeply and release all my stress. I was so “Deeply Relax”!! I became rejuvenated, and refreshed, and my face never felt so beautiful! Thank you Allove, and all the staff at Strawberry Mountain for an excellent, relaxing spa treatment. You offer the highest quality of professional skincare spa treatment I’ve ever had!!