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Autumn Leaves And Lavender…Nature’s Best Aromatherapy!

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Here comes November, my favorite season, when everything changes around us, preparing for cooler days of  Winter. When I’m out for a walk, I love to kick up the fallen leaves in brilliant orange, yellow, and reds! 🙂 As I inhale the cool breeze, I catch whiffs of lavender that still linger around our lavender farm. Pure Fall Bliss 🙂 My favorite aromatherapy…Nature!!


Sigh… Our Upick  Lavender Farm is closed for the season, but our Website is Always OPEN for business 🙂 … I welcome more calm days ahead. Time to rejuvenate my soul, and enjoy a hot cup of soothing Lavender “Gorge Wind” Tea 🙂

Cheers to a wonderful year filled with amazing joyful memories in the warm sunshine, among 1000’s of calming, intoxicating brilliant Lavender flowers, happy Bees, and calm, happy people!!!! 🙂 Life is Good!

Best fall lavender 3

Best fall lavender5 2014

Yes…this is the Calm Zone and people have memories of this, to carry them through the long cold winter months ahead….. 🙂Best 2 fall lavender chillaxin on the grass 2014

When I observe our customers Chillaxin on the grass, it brings joy to my heart, because I know we’ve succeed in creating a calm space that is welcoming to this posture! Pure Bliss and Calm, relaxing in Nature….Earthing!

Best fall lavender1 2014 man chillaxin on the grass

Best fall lavender1a man chillaxin on the grassThis fall we’ve had the most wonderful warm, sunny weather. So nice that our Angustifolia Lavender (English or True Lavender) had an incredible 2nd bloom. That only happens when we receive lots of warm sunny days in September and October, an Indian Summer, as they call it. 🙂 Many folks experienced U-picking their own lovely fragrant English lavender bouquet in the entire month October to take home and enjoy it’s beautiful calm aroma!!!

Best fall 2 2014Best fall lavender upick in cottage
Best fall lavender bouquet1a originalAnd what could be more enjoyable than a picnic on the farm, relaxing in the calm lavender breeze with your family & friends on a gorgeous fall day! Perfect 🙂

Best fall lavender6 picnicAs this season closes, I wish you a happy November, and joyful calm winter days by the warm fireplace 🙂  I encourage you to get outside, enjoy the beauty and aromatherapy of Nature!! And don’t forget to play with your dog ( if you have one..or two) ! This is my sweet puppy, Ella, at 8 mths old and dear sweet Sadie, at 15 yrs….. Our Joy!!!!  🙂

Best fall ella sadie and di playtime Best fall ella on the wholesale farl Best fall ella on the wholesale farm2


Don’t forget you can order from us online!

Keep you and yours calm, relaxed, and sleep well with organic Lavender!

(Farmer’s Almanac Knows!)

Farmer's Almanac Knows

“When Life Gets To You, Get To The Lavender”, and find calming peace!! See you on the farm in the Springtime

Cheers! Lavender Lady 🙂

Happy May Day, Opening Day!! Cheers To Maximus Aromatherapy And Beauty!

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Happy May Day, our opening day for the season!

 I love the serene, peaceful feeling of our lavender farm!  Our quiescent plants are beginning to show signs of  new-growth, preparing for the seasons flowers.  I took this photo a few days ago as the sun was setting on our lavender…Glorious beauty! We are looking forward to the fragrant beauty of our lavender plants in bloom…sighMaximus Aromatherapy 🙂

We are already seeing many of our Wildflowers showing their lovely faces in bloom, as we eagerly wait for our lavender flowers. The Lupine is always one of the first to bloom, and soon to follow are the  Iceland Poppy-Papaver, Iris,  and Blue Flax-Linum Perenna. I captured this photo of our first Lupine flowers yesterday. Another  lovely Purple flower!

You will want to visit, with your camera in hand, because these beauties are stunning against the back drop of Mt. Hood! We also have a path running through our wildflower garden, with benches to sit and relax, as you take in the aromas and beauty!

These photos were taken a few years ago.

If you’re still looking for the perfect  low maintenance plant for you garden or landscaping…look no further! We’ve got 100’s of starter lavender plants on sale at our Upick lavender farm, while supplies last. 

Want MORE Lavender Plants? Why not DIY and propagate some?

I took cutting two weeks ago from this Lavandin, Sawyer, and propagated them, making clone plants 🙂

Propagating lavender is much easier than you can imagine…and there are two times a year that you can take cuttings to root- in the spring “now”,just before the plant comes into flower, and in the early fall.

To begin, it’s best to use a good quality potting soil or you can make your own by mixing approximately three parts peat moss with one part vermiculite and one part perlite. Remember that the most important thing is drainage…even a cutting of lavender DOES NOT like wet feet!

Once you have a good mix, fill several small terracotta pots, or starter trays,like I’m using in the photo, and make sure to dampen well. Now poke one small hole per pot into the mixture about 1 to 1.5 inches deep. Next, using a sharp pair of plant shears cut a small branch off the lower half of the lavender plant that is about 3-5 inches long. Make sure that the branch is soft and not woody. Strip the leaves off the bottom half of the cutting, and scrap off the “skin” on the bottom 1/4″ of the cutting, and place the cutting in the pot or tray.


Make sure to cover the bottom part of the cutting with soil. Water your cutting thoroughly. For the first couple of weeks keep the soil damp, but then water less frequently. Misting the cuttings often will allow them to take in water and keep them hydrated. After the first few weeks, water when the soil begins to get dry but before the plant displays any distress. Too much water will kill your new lavender plant. Good Luck growing your own lavender plants. You can also start L. Angustifolia lavender from seeds, however it takes a long time before you have a good size plant, at-least a year.

Many birds are actively seeking out food, and searching for new mates and nesting spots in our garden. I just filled two humming bird feeders, and hung them under our patio, just in time for a few hummers to find them. I Never use the nasty red food color in their food! My recipe is: one cup sugar, three cups water, boil 6 minutes, and cool well. They Love my all-natural juice 🙂

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Our Pink Flowering Almond bush is in bloom and lovely in front of our Retail Cottage. Perfect for our opening day 🙂  Looks like summer type weather is on its way for our opening week! We look forward to the season, and meeting all our customers that drop by for a visit, and spent some relaxing moments in the garden with us! Cheers to May, and  the new season of Maximus Aromatherapy and Beauty! 🙂

Cheers ~ Lavender Lady





Local Handcrafted Art, Crafts, & Cookies

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Last Chance Holiday Bazaar is this weekend, December 8, and 9th, with over 40  local Artist and Crafters at the Hood River County Fairgrounds. We will again be participating in this holiday event. Our booth will be stocked with a variety of holiday gift packs, and many of our most popular lavender bath and body products. This event is a highlight of our holiday season, because many of these vendors are local business friends of ours. It feels like a social gathering of friends and family under one roof, and we have the opportunity to share holiday cheer and warm hugs. We look forward to seeing you this weekend if you can come out. As always, parking and admission are Free!

I hope you are enjoying a warm, happy holiday with your family and friends!

Many of these lovely, fragrant Petite Lavender Wreaths will be available at our booth.

Lavender Ginger Snaps are one of my favorite holiday cookies!

The recipe is on our Recipe Page


U-Picking Has Begun! Woot Woot!

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U-Pick Lavender has begun! These happy customers were the 1st to unlock our FourSquare special & get a discount on their U-Pick bouquet! Woohoo! We LOVED the contagious enthusiasm & joy they had visiting us! Thank you for dropping by on that lovely, warm, sunny day!!

We have several varieties/colors starting to bloom and it will just get better for the next month.

Thank you for visiting us! Hope to see you are our 8th Lavender DAZE Festival July 21st & 22nd!!


Spring Lavender Starts

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Lavender plant starts
Lavender plant starts

This is the time of year for new starts, and new growth. Just like the bulbs in the ground begin their growth in preparation of those beautiful flowers, the fruit trees are also developing full buds that will become lovely  apple, pear, or cherry blossoms. This is also the time of year that we take cuttings from particular varieties of lavender, for new starts which we’ll sell at our Upick Lavender Farm.  So, today  Joe and I took cuttings of a few varieties of Angustifolia Lavender, “Jean Davis” a white/pink lavender, and “Folgate”, a dark purple lavender. We remove a 2-3″ cutting of the “new growth” part of the lavender stem . We usually take about 50-100 cuttings from one particular plant.  With these cuttings, we stripped off all the lower leaves up about 1″, then we scrape the outer stem(bark) off one side only, until we see the green inner stem. Then this cutting is placed into a starter tray that has been soaked with water.  

These cuttings are then placed in a warm greenhouse, out of cold weather conditions. The cuttings in the starter tray need to be sprayed at min. twice daily to get water into the leaves, hydrate the cutting and promote root growth. Rooting can take 3-6 weeks depending on light, heat and the weather. Until they develop good roots, we water them when the soil looks and feels dry.

Lavender is drought tolerant, so they don’t like being over watered.  We take cuttings in the early spring or late fall when the plants are not in bloom. When these cuttings have developed strong roots, and are hardened off outside, they will be sold in 2″ and 4.5″ pots at our Organic Lavender Plant sale during Blossom weekend, on April 17th, 18th and 19th.

Spring always inspires me to think about the newness in life it’s self, life that will develop moment by moment.  I watch this garden transform… I’ll sit and ponder that thought a lot through out the days ahead, as winter lets loose its grip and I tend my garden 🙂

Tending my Garden

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Today I was out in the wildflower section of our Lavender Farm, weeding out one of my “not so favorite weeds” …uuagggg!!! You know what I’m talking about; those weeds that you can never get rid of like dandelions. Well, this one is the original, wild “evening primrose”.  I’m constantly digging up small plants, and watching during the summer to see if the flowers have matured, and quickly yank it out, before the flowers go to seed!!  Nuf said about that not so friendly weed!!

Diane sitting in mass amounts of Lupine!
Diane sitting in mass amounts of Lupine!



 I was also digging up dormant Lupine flowers, to move them over to another wholesale Lavender farm of ours.  The Lupine has out grown the wildflower section, and is crowding the other flowers.  We love lavender and purple flowers, “really“, so we don’t mind a few thousand Lupine flowers (As you can see in the picture of last years, early summer flowers). We even had this comment on our website, when we posted this photo on our opening page, “why do you have a photo of Lupine on your front page, if you are a Lavender Farm?” Well… we love flowers, including Lupine, and we grow lots of Lupine. Wouldn’t you post a picture of Lupine, if you had thousands of them in you wildflower section? Before our Lavender blooms, many of our wildflowers begin blooming, and the Lupine grew, “Crazy” last year, and visitors that came to our Lavender Farm, couldn’t get over it. Many photos were taken of families, children, lovers and etc, in the Lupine!!! I hope you were one of those people that came to experience that! If you were, please send me a photo. I love to see others “point of view” of these gorgeous flowers. 

So… this was my day, out “playing” in my garden. I agree with all the others that think working in a garden is like “playing”, not work at all. It is soothing and uplifting, and also, good for our health! Enjoy your garden!!

Love, Balance and Attitude

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Being a time of the year when we’re all thinking about Love, it is a wonderful time to consider how we balance our work, and the time we spend with those we Love.

I love what we do, in this profession of farming/gardening. It is a love affair in it’s self, and best of all – I get to be beside my love, and soul-mate through the day by day process!! How did that happen?  With all humility, I say, “It did, and I am forever grateful!” Joe and I have this saying, “If you’re at the right address when the bus goes by, you can get on.”  Maybe it was our attitude that shaped our reality…Maybe it was a process of balancing an attitude of contentment and patience.  No, I’m not saying it’s a perfectly smooth ride, there have been, and will be bumps, highs, and lows, but again it’s our attitude! This profession of ours isn’t what defines us, it requires balance to be abundant in our life, so we learn to balance our work and play. It’s OK to be a success both at home and at work. I’ll work hard for the abundance to spend beautiful times together in a garden, or at the beach or mountains, doing the fun things with those I love. It’s a delicate balance between what we love and those whom we love.  At the end of the day, holding hands with my love, we inhale deeply the lovely Lavender aroma, and are blessed with Love!! I wish all of you a heart filled with the best love and joy that you deserve!!

Clean with enjoyment-chemical free

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Today I did some much needed house cleaning in preparation for the holidays. I have a few extra hours in my days now, since our Lavender Farm is closed for the season (except for the occasional opening by appointment). I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t beat myself up anymore over housework. When I have the time, it will get done, and that’s OK.  We are open 10-5, 7 days a week at our UPick Lavender Farm, from April – October, so there are seasons of our life that,…. well my house isn’t immaculate, that’s not what is important at the time… but today, I’ll clean our “humble little abode”, and enjoy everything about it; it’s a new season in our life.

 To start with,  I did some laundry with an all natural BioKleen laundry powder (no chlorine bleach-no chemicals), because I have Occupational Dermititis in my hands from being a Cosmetologist/Aesthetician for 20 years, and now I brake out with infection anytime I touch a chemical. You can not even imagine how many chemicals there are in hand soap, laundry soap, dish soap, and household cleaners!!!!! In my washer I’m careful to use all natural cleaners that are good for us, and our beautiful environment too. I also add, 1 cup of our Certified Organic, Lavender Hydrosol “distillant water”, to help remove dirt, and give my clothes a fresh clean smell. After I add the Hydrosol, I turn off the wash cycle for 10 minutes to let it soak. Then I run the full cycle. When I put my clothes into the dryer, I add a “Lavender Dryer Bag” to bring even more of the clean fresh lavender aroma into my home.

Then I went on to clean my sink, cupboards, windows & doors (doorknobs too), with our “All Purpose Cleaner” that is 99% Certified Organic ingredients: Our Lavender Hydrosol, and 7 other pure Essentials Oils, Vegetable Glycerin. No harsh chemicals. The natural plant antibactorial, antiseptic qualities do the job. My home is beginning to smell, and look clean and fresh again. Fall is a wonderful time to tidy up around my home in prep. for the holidays. Clean with enjoyment!

 With the changing season, I feel peace, and satisfaction having completed a beautiful summer harvest at our Lavender Farm. Now I can relax more, spend time with our family, and slow down to enjoy the coming holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving. Lavender Lady 🙂

Bees visiting the Lavender Farm

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buzz buzz
buzz buzz

Today I took this great photo of a bee visiting the many lavender plants on our farm. This is an example of one of the many cool things you can do with this blog. Just to give you some ideas. I would not yet advertise or promote or link to this blog until you have already populated at least a dozen or so posts. That way when people do see it there is something interesting to read on it. 🙂