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Flavor play

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Today I started shipping out our Valentine’s Day special Lavender Truffles and mallows. Can you imagine receiving a box of three different, decadent Chocolate Lavender Treats? Well, I can…test tasting has been my pleasure, and my hubby’s too! Culinary Lavender adds a lovely delicate floral flavor, and the aroma makes the “flavor play” happen!!!  Each has a unique play of flavors that changes from when it first hits your palette.  Chocolate Lavender with marianberry, or mint, or carmellows (Joe’s favorite), or dark chocolate covered

hand-made Lavender Truffles
hand-made Lavender Truffles

divine-divinity. The aromas play together and evolve with the tastes in your mouth. As we sample and enjoy these complex subtleties, we find it similar to wine tasting, except we never spit!