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Lavender Harvest Celebration

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This weekend is Harvest Festival weekend in our beautiful Hood River Valley!! We will be serving samples of my famous hot fall drink, “Lavender Ginger Cider” at our lavender farm! Our retail cottage is stocked with tons of luxurious lavender products for the weekend, including our culinary lavender, “Signature Blend” & “Provence“. Joe lavender just brought several dozen “Grosso” lavender plants out of the greenhouse. It’s not too late to get these starter plants in the Dirt 🙂 We’ve had the most awesome warm sunny fall this year, and it’s encouraged our English Lavender to explode with a lovely 2nd bloom! 🙂 Many folks have cut their own beautiful fragrant lavender posies to take home and enjoy!! What a delight for young and old, making memories on the farm!! 

Here is a wonderful, irresistible Lavender Cinnamon Pear Skillet Cake for you to enjoy with your family. Perfect with a hot cup of lavender ginger cider on a cool fall evening! Enjoy!!


Lavender Cinnamon Pear Skillet Cake
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 8-12
This cake is irresistible and delicious with it's delightful delicate flavor of cinnamon, lavender and fresh local Bartlett or Anjou Pears!!
  • 4 Pears, peeled & cored
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour (I used ½ cup whole wheat flour & ½ cup all-purpose flour)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 3 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons organic English culinary lavender "Signature Blend" (finely ground)
  • ¼ teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temp.
  • 1 cup sugar (I used ½ cup honey)
  • 1 egg, room temp.
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  1. Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Butter inside of 8-9" cast-iron skillet. You can scale the recipe up or down if your skillet is a different size. I doubled the recipe since I used a 12" cast-iron skillet. Chop 2 pears, and slice the remaining 2 for top of cake. Sift flour, baking powder, cinnamon, culinary lavender & salt in small mixing bowl. In stand mixer, mix the butter and sugar (I used honey) together on medium speed for about three minutes, then add egg and vanilla and blend on medium speed approx. three minutes, scraping sides of bowl if needed. Reduce speed to low, and add flour mixture mixing until blended. Use a rubber spatula to fold pears into the batter. Pour the batter into your skillet & spread out evenly. Fan the pear slices out on top of the batter. Place skillet on middle rack of oven & bake 35-45 minutes until golden brown and toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. I increased cooking time for several to minute intervals, checking with toothpick until center of cake was done. (You might need to bake longer if you're using large pears & doubling the recipe) Enjoy with fresh whipping cream or ice cream! This cake has a delightful delicate flavor of cinnamon, lavender and fresh pears making it irresistible and delicious!!! (adapted from vintage cakes)



These Beautiful upick lavender bouquets were cut this month…. October 😀  Amazing!! I love it!!!



We look forward to seeing you this coming weekend. Bring family and friends, and have fun at our celebration of this years bountiful harvest!! 🙂 Ohhh….I Love all the fresh local Pears & Apples from our beautiful Hood River Valley!!!! 🙂  Check out many varieties of locally grown fresh pears & apples and other events going on at different farms on the Fruit Loop! We have several picnic tables for you to enjoy a picnic, if you like, at our lavender farm.

We are truly thankful for all our customers that visited us during this past season and also online! You bring joy and delight into our lavender world! Cheers to Fall and the bounty of the season!!

Fall Cheers! Lavender Lady 🙂

Blossom Festival Weekend-Our Soft Opening

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 Spring blooms on the fruit trees around our lavender farm were at their peak for our “soft” opening this Blossom Festival Weekend! Here we go again for another glorious season!!
Many repeat customers, and also new customers traveled out to visit our lavender farm. We had lots of lavender starter plants available for purchasing, and our Retail Cottage was stocked with our organic lavender essential oil and our bath/ body products. We gave out over 300 samples of our Lavender Tea!
Sadie, our greeter, was happy to start our season and to see all the customers arriving again! 🙂 She found a quite spot under the plant tables. 🙂 Everybody loves our Sadie girl!
She was loving all the attention from these sweet girls!!
It was a great weekend, with sunshine, a few clouds, but no rain! Everyone enjoyed being out in the country for a stroll in the garden, and more than one family had a picnic together.
We have a few lovely flowers blooming, around our farm daffodils, Ornamental Flowering Cherry, lavender Azalea, and Red Flowering Currant, Candy Tuff, and my favorite Forget-me-nots. 
Our English Lavender won’t start blooming until the first of June, and the Lavandin blooms in July. Customers that visited enjoyed strolling around looking at our neatly groomed lavender plants. This Lavandin pictured with the rake on top is “Super”. It’s one of my favorite Lavandin, with a Woodsy-Floral-Citrus Aroma 🙂
When it blooms, it’s long stem, spike flowers will be almost 4 feet tall!  It’s a long stem Lavandin, x-intermedia, a hybrid.
I can’t wait to enjoy our lovely lavender again this season, and I know we have tons of customers that are looking forward to it also 🙂 On Saturday several customers didn’t want to leave when 5:00 rolled around……and I can’t blame them. The wind died down, Mt. Hood popped out from behind the clouds and it was extremely gorgeous and picture perfect!!
We thank everyone for coming out this Blossom Festival weekend. We are truly thankful for the beauty around us, and wonderful folks like you to share it with. 🙂 Cheers to the start of our season at our lavender farm!! 🙂 
We will open again May 1st, 7 days a week, Mon-Sat. 10-5pm, Sunday 11-5pm. Come visit us!

Opening Weekend and Blossom Festival

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I began cleaning up my retail cottage today, and restocking it with our lavender products for our weekend event, “Blossom Festival”. This weekend we open for the season, and to kick-off the weekend event we have 100’s of our “Certified Organic” plants for sale. I also plan to bake up my favorite Lavender Scones for free sampling, along with our samples of Gorge Wind tea.

The timing for “Blossom Weekend” looks to be just about perfect for this weekend. Fruit tree blossoms are just starting to open, and with over 15,000 acres of orchards in our Hood River Valley the sight is nothing short of spectacular!

Photo by National Scenic Byways/Peter Marbach
Photo by National Scenic Byways/Peter Marbach

We are expecting sunshine for the weekend, so be sure to come out and celebrate spring and the “beginning” of another great year in the garden.

Birds Nest

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I drove to town early, and planted 2 Lavender plants, a dark purple, and a white plant, and some Blanket Flowers, on the side of my sister’s Dry Cleaning business. When I returned to our Lavender farm, I noticed something very special…. I laughed, when I saw it!!! A bird had built it’s nest in a decorative, grapevine windowbox, on my patio. 🙂 🙂 Our Lavender farm must be a peaceful place, even to the birds, that they feel quite comfortable to build their babies home, on our patio!!! 🙂 The beauty of nature is full of surprises 🙂

Bird Nest
Bird Nest



Cheers to your day!

Lady Lavender

Transplanting Lavender starts

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Little lavender plants
Little lavender plants

Today we transplanted 250 lavender plants into 3.5″ pots. They are a few of my favorite Angustifolia, Jean Davis, a pink flower, and Folgate, a dark blue flower. We also, transplanted 125 Sawyers, a Latifolia, with frosted foliage. These will all be ready to sell at our Upick farm, in two to three weeks, providing we get some more sunshine. “Grow lovely flowers, grow!!”   🙂

Open for the Season

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We had a glorious sunny weekend!!” Thank you”, if you come out to visit us at our Upick Lavfarm!! Even though we didn’t have any blossoms on the fruit trees around our farm, many people were out touring around our beautiful valley, stopping at farms, enjoying the mountain views, and getting into the Blossom Weekend festive events 🙂 The customers that came out, strolled around, then found their place in a chair on our patio, enjoyed watching the Hummingbirds at the feeder. These “little bits of magic” that just arrived at our garden, gave us the help we needed to stop and rest awhile!! 🙂  

We sold many of our rare Lavender plants, as we usually do, but if you couldn’t make it this weekend, don’t feel left out. We have several 100’s in the green house still, that will be ready to sell in two or three weeks. The sunny weather inspired us to believe in hope that summer will be here soon, along with thousands of fragrant lavender flowers. Thank you all for coming out to visit, and those that couldn’t be here, maybe you could enjoy a garden in your home town, where you could just sit and soak-up the beauty of quiet still moments.



Mt. Hood making her presence
Mt. Hood making her presence

Beautiful Angustifolia Lavender

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 Today I propagated over 100 cuttings from one of our most popular L. Angustifolia “English” Lavender plants.  When these cuttings mature enough to be transplanted into 3″ pots, I will plant them on our new wholesale Lavender Farm. After the first bloom, in about one year, we will distill the flowers for the Essential Oil. This Oil will then be used for Aromatherapy by us in our products, and by many of our customers that purchase from us on our website, and  in our retail cottage at our U-Pick farm.

Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil is extremely healing! A “Whiff” or “Huff” of our certified organic lavender essential oils helps calm jagged nerves, soothes stress & headaches, and provides a smooth “pick-me-up”. It is also very effect for insomnia encouraging restful sleep, by applying a few drops to your pulse points, then deeply inhale the aroma several times.  My husband and I use it this way every night.

So…here’s to best wishes for these little lavender cuttings, may they grow into beautiful flowers!

To learn more indepth about our essential oil read this.  

Winter storm cleanup

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Windstorm damage
Windstorm damage

Today before I ran outside to work, I mixed up some Rustic Whole Grain Herb Bread. I mixed 2 Tbsp of our Hood River Spice Blend (Herbs de Provence) into my basic whole grain bread recipe, and I’ll let it rise all day, while I’m busy doing other projects outside.

Outside at our Lavender Farm, Joe and I cleaned up the damage from the winter snow, rain, and strong winds.  We had one six foot wide strip of ground cover pull up from the strong winds. It just happened to be a section where I had planted 2″ lavender plants in October, so I hope we don’t loose any. They are extremely hardy though, and we just placed the ground cover around them and tacked it down with 6″ staples. There were also a lot of branches that fell around our house and a neighbors house, so we picked up and raked the debris.  So far we got off pretty easy from the winter storms. Now I’ll go indoors, and bake my bread for dinner. We need some warm comfort food!! 🙂

Snow Angels in Lavender

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Lavender Lumps
Lavender Lumps

After a bit of work filling orders for the post lady to pick-up, I dressed warmly for a walk outside in our “Winter Wonderland”. Oh how serene, quiet and peaceful it is, looking around at the white puffs covering the fruit trees, tall firs, and puffs piled on top our sleepy Lavender plants. I think the quiet beauty calms me inside; as I take deep breaths and look around; I smile. I know, I’ll make some “Snow Angels”, 7 in all, one for each person that I have on my heart. A dear lady who lost her husband, a husband who lost his wife; 2 people fighting cancer, my dear daughter and son, and one of our friends. I hope they find peace in this season, and may joy and love surround them each day. Peace  {{:){