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Slip Away On A Nostalgic Aromatherapy Journey

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Or, Our History…Best 1st Farm pic2Our Aromatherapy journey began in 2003 when my husband & I had a “dream” of growing lovely fragrant Organic Lavender. I often take comfort in the nostalgic and reflect on how far we’ve come in just 11 years, and these photos bring joy as I reflect. Aww…this started my love for this amazingly beautiful fragrant, and hardy flower, Lavender!

We both grew up in the Hood River Valley, and moved back home in 2000. As we made plans for our farm, we decided to take a nontraditional approach with our agricultural operation. Instead of farming pears, apples or cherries, we planned to raise lovely Lavender flowers!! This was clearly a perfect fit for me, as I immediately saw the opportunity to integrate it with my career as an Aesthetician & Cosmetologist. Many studies have linked this plant to feelings of calming peace and well-being, so I began to incorporate it into relaxation & healing-inducing merchandise.

We planted an experimental plot on 2 1/2 acres, beginning with 2300 Lavandula, x-intermedia Grosso plants. We choose this particular variety of Lavandin, L. x-intermedia because it’s hardy to our zone, and it has a lovely bold fragrant aroma, making it perfect for use around the house in sachets, neck wraps, eye pillows, refreshing spritzer, as home refresher, just to name a few.


Best 1st Farm picWe also planted  a few thousand Lavandula angustifolia, or English Lavender, in 10 different varieties. This True Lavender, would be used for our Culinary lavender, for cooking delicate delights that would entice our palette! We planned to also distill the L. angustifolia for it’s lovely calming, soothing, and very therapeutic quality Essential Oil.

Our lavender farm quickly became a favorite, serene get-away for me!  Yes, going there meant I had work that needed to be done, however I often brought a picnic lunch for us to eat as we relaxed at “our favorite restaurant on the farm”! Pictured above is Joe enjoying his lunch on the swing among 1000 of fragrant L. angustifolia lavender in bloom “for the very first time”!

Best 1st Farm pic3



Best pic of di 2006

I find it extremely soothing sitting in the warm sunshine as the lavender breeze surrounds me, enjoying the beauty of nature as friendly birds, bees, and butterflies flutter around the lavender blooms in this serene setting! Nothing is more perfect, and close to heaven than this!  🙂

Now we are growing over 15,000 lavender plants, over 80 varieties, on 3 farms, with one open to the public May through October; 10:00-5:00 pm, 7 days a week. We produce over 100 different Organic Lavender Products from essential oil, culinary lavender, teas, soaps, face cream, lotions, balms, perfumes, refreshing spritzer, linen spray “hydrosol”, neck wraps, eye pillows and also lavender filled bears, & puppies.

One of our customers that visited a few years back told me, “you’all don’t get to go to Heaven, because you’re already there, this is heaven on earth”! Aww..I think it is! I’m slipping away on my Aromatherapy Journey just thinking about those beginning moments as our Dream unfolds, and my love for this beautiful, calming fragrant flower continues to grow with each new day.  🙂

Wishing you peaceful days with warm sunshine and lavender breezes surrounding you, as you pause calmly in Winter’s gentle lap, and await Springtime!

~Lavender Lady XO




How to use Lavender Oil for anxiety and relaxation

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How do you use Lavender Oil?

It’s easy, safe, natural and very effective for anxiety, tension and insomnia!

Here is a short video I made today demonstrating how I like to use Hood River Lavender Oil:

How to use Lavender Oil for anxiety and calming

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My Favorite Uses For Lavender Essential Oil

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About Lavender.. “A walk through a field of blooming lavender is a stroll that is never forgotten”!

Lavender is an herb rich in history and culture. Long prized for its scent and healing properties, it is also one of the most beloved plants in the garden. Ranging in colors from vivid sun-soaked indigo to a subtle violet-white; it evokes within all who encounter this plant a sense of calming and rest through its wonderful heady and unmistakable aroma. Lavender is rich in aromatic molecules called esters, which are antispasmodic, pacifying and tonic, while other molecules give it its antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory powers. One of the most consistent of the many therapeutic attributes of Lavender oil is respiratory relief. Hood River Lavender’s Organic Lavender oil is of particular benefit to respiratory relief, sinus congestion and sinus headache.

Lavender Essential is perfect to use on the skin since it’s PH balance is acidic, similar to the skin, hair, and nails. Used as Physical and Emotional support, Lavender is deeply rooted in aromatherapy. Its effect is calming, uplifting, refreshing, soothing and purifying. Here are some of my favorite uses of our Lavender Essential Oil!

Since it’s winter, for a few more days 🙂 I’ll start with relieve for ‘Sinus congestion & Sinus headaches’.

1. Apply a few drops of lavender essential oil to the palm of your hands, rub together, then cup your hands and inhale deeply 10-15x.(Hidcote Giant and Gross0, lavandin E.O. is my favorite  for sinus congestion)

Calming relief for anxiety & stress:

2: Apply a few drops of Angustifolia Lavender E.O. to pulse points, temples, wrists, or on a tissue, and inhale deeply 10-12x.

Soothing Massage for sore muscles:

3. Add 15-20 drops Angustifolia Lavender E.O. into a good quality carrier oil, Sweet Almond, Olive,  Jojoba, Grape-seed, or Sunflower Oil. This is a particularly effective way to apply the lavender oil when you have tight, sore muscles, under stress, or have sustained an injury. Great on tired hands and feet 🙂 The oils will be absorbed quickly into the blood stream, thus assisting the body and mind.

Soothing bath:

3. Add 10-15 drops Angustifolia Lavender E.O. into the bath water, enjoy a soothing, relaxing soak.

For Insomnia, sleep-aid:

4. Apply a few drops of Angustifolia Lavender E.O. to pulse points, and on tissue, or pillow, inhale 10-12x, and have Sweet Dreams!

For a clearer complexion, and soothing relief on Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis, Folliculitis:

5. Lavender is a natural antiseptic and astringent, that helps tone, balance and control surface oils, and has been used to treat acne, and other skin conditions for years. Apply Angustifolia Lavender E.O. onto your acne area, and also in your bath water to soothe your skin. You could also, add 15-20 drops  to a 2 oz  mist spray bottle of distilled water, and sprayed onto the irritated skin area to help soothe and heal.

First aid-Antiseptic-Antibacterial:

6. Apply Angustifolia Lavender E.O. to irritated area for cuts, burns, insect bites or stings, poison oak, ivy, and athlete’s foot. Great for everyday “Farmers” cuts to assist healing & stop infection.

For calming, balancing aroma in your home:

7. Add a 10-12 drops Angustifolia Lavender E.O. into the top dish of an ‘essential oil diffuser‘ or a ‘vaporiser’ with water.

Fresh bathroom:

8. Add a few drops Grosso Lavandin, or Angustifolia Lavender E.O.  on the edge of your toilet paper roll, a few drops around drains, trash bins, or toilet bowl water.

Freshen linens for that “natural lavender garden aroma”:

9. Apply 10-drops Grosso Lavandin E.O. onto wash cloth or towel into the dryer.

Lavender’s lovely aroma is rich, and camphoric sweet, with an herbaceous floral note. It is a truly magical plant and those who have ever been enticed and seduced by its sweet heady aroma become enamored for life!! As I said before, A walk through a field of blooming lavender is a stroll that is never forgotten! It is tranquil, serene and balancing to the body as well as the psyche. Aww..inhale deeply! 🙂





Spring, with Lavender, My Fragrance Of Sunlight

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I’ve been working steady tending our lavender farm and wild flowers, getting the yard prepped for new growth, and our opening date April 14th.  Today was a perfect day to be outside, truly gorgeous with temperatures around 54 degrees! Spring has officially arrived, and it really feels like Spring! I scattered 1000’s of Iceland Poppy & Rose Scented Bee Balm Monarda seeds in the Wildflower Section. I love these flowers!

I need to spend a few hours packing web-orders inside and I need lavenders aroma to surround me, with my “Fragrance of Sunlight” as I work!  It’s a good thing that I live and work in Lavender Heaven, because inside or outside, I can still have that Fragrance of Sunlight  🙂  A bottle of lavender essential oil is always at arms reach..I know I’m “spoiled”!!  🙂 I like to apply 5 drops of  Angustifolia Essential Oil and 5 drops Clary Sage Essential oil to a tissue, and relax while I inhale these lovely, calming, and balancing aromas. It clears my sinus, balances my mood, and refreshes my spirits! Awww..

Since we have a few days before I’ll be working outside again in the lavender farm, I’ll work inside on web orders. I sent this re-order with 10 Reed Diffusers and Lavender Refreshing Spritzer out to a very high profile celebrity today! Love my job! Love lavender’s calming lovely aroma!


These  lavender items will fill the domain of the recipient with that intriguingly uplifting, and calming , fresh lavender garden aroma! I like to call it my Fragrance of Sunlight!  It gives me that uplifting, energizing boost that helps me through any situation, with calming peace. Our  Reed Diffusers are filled with a special combination of our own Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oils.

I also shipped an order with 2 Reed Diffusers and 2 pounds of Bulk dried lavender buds to a gentleman, for his home!!  He mentioned that he planned to fill decorative containers with the lavender buds. I suggested that he could  purchase sachets to fill with lavender buds, or if he felt creative,  make sachets with vintage hankies or pieces of wool cloth, and tied with hemp or jute twine. 🙂

Here’s hoping that the lovely, calming aroma from his lavender will fill his domain with  the Fragrance of Sunlight too !

Calming Vintage Sachets

Sachets made with Vintage Hankies and Lavender wool cloth, filled with our Certified Organic dried Lavandin Grosso. DIY cute sachets for yourself or gifts for a friend.

Cyber Monday Calm Shopping Online

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I love this time of year when we get to share more of our calming & healing lavender with people like you  around the country! The best part is hearing our customers testimonies, hearing about how our lavender products encouraged calm, eased stress & headaches, depression and induced sleep!

Today I’m shipping another large order, 5 gallons of our All Purpose Cleaner, to a Preschool in California. It will be used to clean floors, tables & toys, making a healthy clean environment for the children to learn & play in. And best of all no toxic chemicals & child-safe!

No matter what your favorite lavender product is, our All Purpose Cleaner, Lavender Essential Oils, Mega Therapy Cream, Massage Oil or Culinary Lavender for tea or baking, we hope you will find shopping Online an easy, stress free Market Place for you! Now through Dec. 1st you can not only save up to 30% off, we also have FREE SHIPPING on orders over $90.00!

Soothing Hot Winter Drink: Try blending our culinary lavender with fresh Ginger, in Apple Cider, for a soothing Hot drink. Recipe here 🙂

Calming memories of Grandmother Lucy

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We just sent out our newsletter, as we anticipate Spring, watching the snow fall around the hills in our beautiful valley. I’m getting nostalgic about one of my favorite memories of my beautiful, sweet Grandmother, Lucille. She was diagnosed with Dementia many years ago. When I visited her at the assisted living home, I always carried a bottle of Lavender essential oil with me. It helped bring calming peace into her room when I would apply a few drops to a ceramic diffuser, that I hung up on a light switch next to her bed. She always liked to look her best (as all ladies do), so I would brush her hair, and curl it with a tiny curling iron, and take time, giving her my loving touch! Spending time with her, seeing her smile, and loving on her, brought us both much joy! I’m so very thankful for her calm, pleasant spirit, during all that she went through.  🙂

Sometimes I would apply a few drops to the hand cream by her bed, and give her a hand & arm massage, and rub the cream with oil, onto the back of her neck and shoulders. It always calmed her down, and helped her sleep more peacefully.

I loved my Grandmother Lucille (Lucy), and will hold her in my heart forever. <3

Huge Savings $$ To Encourage Smiles

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Today I am enjoying the warm sunshine, and the anticipation of Spring and warmer weather…“Sunshine & blue skies, with birds singing, butterflies and ladybugs fluttering about”.  We all need a pick-me-up to calm and rejuvenate our soul!! But if we aren’t able to fly off to Hawaii for a sunny beach retreat, we still need to find calming peace and strength to get through our low moments, on those cloudy, grey days. We’ve put together some extremely special prices just for you, on our aromatherapy quality Lavender Angustifolia, (“English”), essential oils.

Breath deeply, even “Huff” on these lovely aromas, and find relief from depression, anxiety, and insomnia! Begin to live and feel refreshed, one day at a time. Remember to take time to invest in yourself, for your health. Pick your favorite lavender essential oil from these specials, or choose the variety pack, with three of our most popular oils.

Remember to keep humor around you and Smile lots! It’s contagious!

Take a Lavender Retreat

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A customer called today to place an order for some of our organic Lavender Essential Oil. She said that she is going on a retreat, and it was suggested that she bring some Lavender Ess. Oil. The E.O. she wanted to order was L. Angustifolia “English” Lavender Oil. The one that helps calm anxiety, stress, and insomnia. She ordered three different lavender oils, Sachet, Buena Vista, and Angustifolia Blend, and she also ordered 3 Butterfly Diffusers. I wished her well & told her to enjoy her Lavender Retreat with the beautiful healing aroma of these Essential Oils.