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Summer And Sweet Lavender

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Edited picWhere has the summer gone….June and July just flewwwww  by, and here goes August…Sigh.. Cheers to mellow September!! I’m past due on my blog posts…my only excuse is that this is our Peak Of Season on our U-pick Lavender Farm,  and also harvest time 🙂 My life is a blurrrrr, that is “a calm blur” 😉

Our 10 annual Lavender DAZE Festival was a huge success once again!! We want to thank everyone that traveled out for the day, or Daze 🙂 We were delighted with music by Moe Dixon…again, Pete Krebs & Portland Playboys, Victor Johnson, Richard Tillinghast & Onehum, MacMillan, McAlexander & Bell Trio, and Barlow Road!! Such great tunes! There were many dancers, children and adults all found it irresistible! Family fun relaxing together in the calm fields of lavender, close to nature. Pure bliss!!


Joe Bon & I, Lavender Lady, Chillin at our 10th Annual Lavender DAZE 🙂 Summer time for family fun and making memories!! Thanks to everyone that traveled out to join us in our celebration of lavender!!!!! We <3 YOU!


IMG_5013We had Wahkeena Exposures as our professional photographer at our Lavender DAZE Festival!! Thank you Cari Gesch for all the Awesome photos you took!! You are an extremely talented, gifted photographer, and wonderful friend!!

Best pic Wahkeena


Lovely English Lavender, Blue River dried bouquets for decor in my retail cottage.

We all enjoyed Solstice Wood Fire Pizza at our DAZE 🙂 Thank you Arron for providing your awesome pizza delights!


Everyone also enjoyed a juicy Peach from Doris, with Fortner Farms! Local fruit from our beautiful Hood River Valley!! Awe….a lil sweet taste of  heaven!!


Our awesome gals assisted in making our 10 annual Oregon Lavender DAZE a fabulous event!!! Thank you special ladies!!!

Our summer harvest has been a huge bounty again this year! Many Angustifolia bouquets were harvested and dried for sales in our retail cottage at our U-pick lavender farm, and on our website. We steam distilled a large quantity of precious calming lavender essential oil!!  Many folks traveled out to our Upick lavender farm to stroll around, relax in a chair or just lie in the grass and enjoy the calming lavender aroma, and cut their own lovely lavender bouquet to take home and enjoy the beautiful sweet aroma.





We had the most wonderful time meeting new faces, and friends that visited over the summertime!!Thank you for your love and support through the years…We love you!!


With summertime on a wrap……. I feel like I can enjoy a few more moments of leisure 🙂 perhaps laying in the grass reading a good book, taking a short nap, or playing with my sweet lab, Ella!! She is 7 months old…pure joy and energy that keeps me on my lavender toes 🙂 And you will be thrilled to know that our greeter for the past 9 years, Sadie girl, is still going strong at 14 years old! We are thankful for each day that we have her with us still! Ella is giving her a reason to get up and PLAY  🙂

We hope you had a wonderful summer! Cheers and blessings to you,  happy mellow September!

XO Lavender Lady







Filled With Thanksgiving

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We’ve had the most wonderful year, and we want to remember each of our family & friends that have been a huge part of all our blessings!! We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day! Best to you and your families now and through this holiday season!!

A beautiful saying that I’d like to repeat…”It’s not what’s on your Thanksgiving table, but the Hearts that are around it!”

Happy Thanksgiving

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While I prepare my autumn grape cluster dinner rolls, and Sweet Potato Pie for our Thanksgiving dinner, I’m thinking of the many blessings I’m thankful for.

This beautiful country we live in, our Freedom, and the individuals & families of the folks who serve so we can enjoy this freedom! THANK YOU!!!

The love of our families, and our good health. Our most recent blessing, the birth of our newest granddaughter, born this week. This child is a miracle-Baby, Life is truly precious!!

We are most thankful also, for our faithful customers through the years. Our hearts are filled with gratitude, Thanks to each one of you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We can all count our blessings.

Best to you,

Lavender Lady



Bees visiting the Lavender Farm

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buzz buzz
buzz buzz

Today I took this great photo of a bee visiting the many lavender plants on our farm. This is an example of one of the many cool things you can do with this blog. Just to give you some ideas. I would not yet advertise or promote or link to this blog until you have already populated at least a dozen or so posts. That way when people do see it there is something interesting to read on it. 🙂