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Holiday Spiced Chai Coffee Invigorating And Soothing! Heaven In A Cup!

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As I decorate our home for the holidays, I’m sipping on a cup of my favorite Holiday Spiced Coffee!!

I started grinding our Lavender Chai Mate Tea with my coffee beans, and created a delicious invigorating &  soothing energy Spice Coffee! Aww…so Heavenly!! It’s a perfect compliment to breakfast, mid-day or evening drink for the Holidays. My blend for two cups of coffee is: 4 Tablespoons coffee beans, 1 1/2 teaspoon Lavender Chai Mate Tea placed together in a coffee grinder, grind and brew. Enjoy this luscious aroma and full spiced flavor of “Heaven in a cup”!

I’m feeling a little behind the ball these days, so having a cup of Holiday Spiced Chai Coffee, brings me the energy boost, along with a delightful soothing spiced favored coffee! Perfect to assist me in completing my to-do list for the day.


Today my dear Mother and I attended an Advent Concert again, and I watched as a tear came to her eye, and her fingers played the notes along with the Organist. Awww….traditions are the most precious, and this is one of my favorites to enjoy at Christmas! It brings to mind fond memories of my childhood anytime I hear a lovely Pipe Organ playing my favorite Christmas Carols. My sweet Mother loved the Organ, and it was her dream to play one, so as she says, “I walked in the snow or rain in Juneau, Alaska, to my Organ teachers house after school for lessons. She played it in the most beautiful way at all the churches we attended as I grew up. To this day, anytime I hear an Organ playing lovely music, especially Christmas Carols, my heart is joyful!  I hope you plan to enjoy an Advent Concert, or some other reflecting outing together with your family or friends, making memories listening to joyous, happy music!

Happy holidays and Christmas Cheer to you! 🙂



Christmas Time Making Merry Memories!

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Online orders are all shipped..done..

gifts are wrapped & under the tree..done..

finished baking Lavender Gingerbread cookies..done..


Time now to say thank you! We are extremely thankful for all your support throughout the year! We’d like to wish each of you a fragrantly calm Merry Christmas, and blessings of  health, and happiness in the New Year!!

We hope you are enjoying special moments with your family, and friends during this time.

We are taking a few day off to relax also, and today my husband and I went to see the movie “Hugo“, a delightful, magical mysterious adventure. Definitely a must see movie!  We  plan to relax doing a few of our favorite things…sipping lavender chai mate tea & playing games, like Racko, Skip Bo, Ratuki, &  board games like Sorry, & Aggravation!! Fun games that encourage laughter, simple pleasure, while spending time with friends or family.

Make Merry memories, and may it be a joyful, relaxing, safe time for you and your family! 🙂

Thanksgiving Weekend Open House

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To kick off holiday shopping, we are having Open House this weekend at our Lavender farm. I’m giving out samples of my newest recipe, “Holiday Shortbread”, that contains Culinary Lavender, Anise Extract, Orange Rind, and Macadamia Nuts.  Along with the shortbread we have samples of our most popular tea, Mint Medley Tea, and our new tea, “Holiday Lavender Chai Mate”.

Out in the garden I’m digging up my Dahlia bulbs for the winter, pruning dead foliage, & cleaning up around the garden.

When I sit on the patio, enjoying the sunny afternoon,  I’ll read a book, and complete a Sudoku puzzle. I do a lot of erasing. 🙂  Enjoy the weekend.