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Angelic Christmas Music

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My Mother & I enjoyed this beautiful Christmas Advent Concert. The wonderful old pipe organ combined with the piano was extremely beautiful, Angelic! I can’t think of a more perfect moment to share with my dear Mother, especially since she loves playing the organ also!



Christmas Advent Concert Pipe Organ

Holiday Spiced Chai Coffee Invigorating And Soothing! Heaven In A Cup!

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As I decorate our home for the holidays, I’m sipping on a cup of my favorite Holiday Spiced Coffee!!

I started grinding our Lavender Chai Mate Tea with my coffee beans, and created a delicious invigorating &  soothing energy Spice Coffee! Aww…so Heavenly!! It’s a perfect compliment to breakfast, mid-day or evening drink for the Holidays. My blend for two cups of coffee is: 4 Tablespoons coffee beans, 1 1/2 teaspoon Lavender Chai Mate Tea placed together in a coffee grinder, grind and brew. Enjoy this luscious aroma and full spiced flavor of “Heaven in a cup”!

I’m feeling a little behind the ball these days, so having a cup of Holiday Spiced Chai Coffee, brings me the energy boost, along with a delightful soothing spiced favored coffee! Perfect to assist me in completing my to-do list for the day.


Today my dear Mother and I attended an Advent Concert again, and I watched as a tear came to her eye, and her fingers played the notes along with the Organist. Awww….traditions are the most precious, and this is one of my favorites to enjoy at Christmas! It brings to mind fond memories of my childhood anytime I hear a lovely Pipe Organ playing my favorite Christmas Carols. My sweet Mother loved the Organ, and it was her dream to play one, so as she says, “I walked in the snow or rain in Juneau, Alaska, to my Organ teachers house after school for lessons. She played it in the most beautiful way at all the churches we attended as I grew up. To this day, anytime I hear an Organ playing lovely music, especially Christmas Carols, my heart is joyful!  I hope you plan to enjoy an Advent Concert, or some other reflecting outing together with your family or friends, making memories listening to joyous, happy music!

Happy holidays and Christmas Cheer to you! 🙂



Another Wrap up!

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Today I worked on several of our small body Wraps,  our Tummy Warmer, and our Neck Wraps. These are soothing body comfort wraps designed to soothe sore muscles, ease pain and relieve tension and stress. The Tummy Warmer can be warmed in the microwave and placed on any sore body part. It could even be folded over to use as a neckwrap. To experience the most soothing relief and comfort with your warmed wrap, relax in a comfortable chair or bed, close your eyes, and let go! . . .Breath deeply. . .   Take the time this holiday, to slow down, even if only a  few moments, it will help you achieve a more calm relaxed spirit.   

I want to take this time also, to thank my two wonderful ladies that sew these wraps. I appreciate them immensely, because we sell a lot of these particular body wraps. Big thanks!! My arms are wrapped around you, saying thank you!!!!! Be wrapped in blessings!

The Ultimate Neck-wrap
The Ultimate Neck-wrap

Thanksgiving Open House/Natural Wreaths

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We had our annual Open House at our UPick Lavender farm this Thanksgiving weekend. Many customers came out to shop, sample Lavender/mint Shortbread, sip on Hot Lavender Mulled Cider, and enjoy a beautiful fall day. We also had Cathedral Ridge Winery do wine tasting for our weekend event. Between times that I was waiting on customers,  I made a few natural Holiday Wreaths with plants in my garden. I used our Red Twig Dogwood bush for the base wreath form. Then I added greenery from the Fir tree, red/orange Rose-hips, and snow-berries. I added some dried Cascade Hops from around our cottage patio, and a few stems from the “Fred Boutin” lavender plants. Fred Boutin is a Lavandin, Hybrid Lavender, and has beautiful frosted foliage that I like a lot. When I finish these wreaths I plan to give one to my daughter, to decorate her door. The other I will give to one of our awesome workers, that helps me maintain the weed control around our Lavender Farms. Today she has spent most of the day clearing out the dried flowers and shrubs from our “Wildflower” section. I appreciate her helpfulness more the she can imagine!!!!!

At this Thanksgiving Holiday,  I pause to take time to be thankful for the people in our lives, our family, friends, employees, and customers, each one makes our life richer, and our business a success. We appreciate your support throughout the year, weather it’s dropping by our UPick farm, or shopping on our website!! Your kind words in testimonies and feed back, are all appreciated! We hope you are all enjoying a relaxed Holiday with those special people you love.  Be blessed, be happy.