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Heirloom Apple Celebration this weekend

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We had an Awesome Harvest Fest, thanks to everyone that drove out to visit us!!! The weather was incredibly warm,  and pleasant for people to lounge around on the Adirondack chairs, stroll through the garden, or blow bubbles with their children. We even had a few u-pick bouquets cut from the 2nd bloom of the English Lavender, which is the latest that we have ever had fresh lavender still in bloom! Our Apple Cider with Lavender Mulling Spice was a enjoyed by many. We greatly appreciate all our customers and friends, and hope you will have a wonderful fall season.

view through the grape vine
view through the grape vine

Today I’m relaxing awhile as I wait on customers. In the afternoon I’ll plant a few Iris bulbs around the garden to enjoy next year. We are open at our farm through the end of this month, then close for the season and only open by appointment until Spring.

This is another big weekend with Heirloom Apple Celebration, so please plan to join us for some great Lavender Ginger Apple Cider, Lavender Shortbread & tons of goodies!