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Tending my Garden

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Today I was out in the wildflower section of our Lavender Farm, weeding out one of my “not so favorite weeds” …uuagggg!!! You know what I’m talking about; those weeds that you can never get rid of like dandelions. Well, this one is the original, wild “evening primrose”.  I’m constantly digging up small plants, and watching during the summer to see if the flowers have matured, and quickly yank it out, before the flowers go to seed!!  Nuf said about that not so friendly weed!!

Diane sitting in mass amounts of Lupine!
Diane sitting in mass amounts of Lupine!



 I was also digging up dormant Lupine flowers, to move them over to another wholesale Lavender farm of ours.  The Lupine has out grown the wildflower section, and is crowding the other flowers.  We love lavender and purple flowers, “really“, so we don’t mind a few thousand Lupine flowers (As you can see in the picture of last years, early summer flowers). We even had this comment on our website, when we posted this photo on our opening page, “why do you have a photo of Lupine on your front page, if you are a Lavender Farm?” Well… we love flowers, including Lupine, and we grow lots of Lupine. Wouldn’t you post a picture of Lupine, if you had thousands of them in you wildflower section? Before our Lavender blooms, many of our wildflowers begin blooming, and the Lupine grew, “Crazy” last year, and visitors that came to our Lavender Farm, couldn’t get over it. Many photos were taken of families, children, lovers and etc, in the Lupine!!! I hope you were one of those people that came to experience that! If you were, please send me a photo. I love to see others “point of view” of these gorgeous flowers. 

So… this was my day, out “playing” in my garden. I agree with all the others that think working in a garden is like “playing”, not work at all. It is soothing and uplifting, and also, good for our health! Enjoy your garden!!