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Lavender Farm 101- spring-cleanup

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The sun was out for awhile today, and it felt good to be out in our Lavender Farm. We are busy pruning, and raking up cutting around some of our 3,500 Lavender plants on our Upick farm. Each plant is pruned, by hand, with loppers. The lavender plants were already pruned once in the fall, to remove any uncut flowers, just to the base of the stems, but not too far into the green, leafy, main body of the plants. Cutting them too low in the fall, makes them tender, and possible die off may accure from the cold temperatures and wind.  Now, we are trimming the plants a second time, down a little lower, about 3 1/2″ are left, of the green stem. When customers ask, “how far down should I prune my Lavender”? I saw, “always stay in the green”. We never cut the lavender plants into the brown, woody base part, otherwise they would die. Cutting the Lavender this low, keeps them shaped nicely, preventing them from getting leggy, and woody. It also helps promote more flowers each year. The cuttings are then raked up from around the plants, and removed to compost or burn. Removing the fall leaves, and other plant debris around the lavender is also an important part because, it will prevent mold and mildew, helping the plants breath, and promote new spring growth.

 “Whew”, there is an incredible amount of work that goes into tending these lovely lavender plants, and keeping this Upick Lavender Farm looking it’s best!! It’s all for you, our customers……

I hear break time calling….. As I sit and rest, eating my oatmeal cookie, I hear the sweet songs of the Robins!  As the weather warms up and days become longer, I know spring is not far away. I am excited to see the dewdrops and crocus starts pushing up through the ground. There is nothing better than tending a garden, to soothe ones soul! 🙂