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Winter storm cleanup

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Windstorm damage
Windstorm damage

Today before I ran outside to work, I mixed up some Rustic Whole Grain Herb Bread. I mixed 2 Tbsp of our Hood River Spice Blend (Herbs de Provence) into my basic whole grain bread recipe, and I’ll let it rise all day, while I’m busy doing other projects outside.

Outside at our Lavender Farm, Joe and I cleaned up the damage from the winter snow, rain, and strong winds.  We had one six foot wide strip of ground cover pull up from the strong winds. It just happened to be a section where I had planted 2″ lavender plants in October, so I hope we don’t loose any. They are extremely hardy though, and we just placed the ground cover around them and tacked it down with 6″ staples. There were also a lot of branches that fell around our house and a neighbors house, so we picked up and raked the debris.  So far we got off pretty easy from the winter storms. Now I’ll go indoors, and bake my bread for dinner. We need some warm comfort food!! 🙂