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A Beautiful Day And Year Ahead!

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2014 is off to a wonderful start, and with the new year comes another Birthday!!  Cheers to a whole new year to enjoy the love of family and friends,and beauty & aroma of this lovely flower Lavender! My ultimate aspiration is to love more, give more, and care about others more than myself!! <3

I can’t wait to see what’s next in this beautiful year…today is my birthday and it’s Party Time!! 🙂


Life is good! Cheers to Life, Love, and Lavender beauty & aroma that surrounds me! Here I am just a few years ago..at 16 years old 🙂

To start my Birthday off, I’m listening to a video of  Moe Dixon singing & playing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on his Uke, from our Lavender DAZE Festival. Lovely, Lovely Happy Music! Enjoy your day and year doing the special things that make you Happy! 🙂


January Special ‘Day’

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Today is my Birthday…so I took the day off, and did some extreme chillaxing!!!! Joe and I headed into Portland for lunch at Pastini’s in Bridgeport Village, and did a little shopping at Borders. Then we had dessert at Pudding On The Rice. A quaint little rice pudding bar, where the owner reproduces her grandmother’s original recipe for Rice Pudding, and in a variety of different flavors. I had my favorite, the vanilla, cinnamon raisin, with a little frozen vanilla yogurt on top. Joe had fresh raspberry with almond amaratto!!!!

When I came home I enjoyed a yummy slice of Flour-less Chocolate Cake that I made for myself. It is like a brownie, rich and decadent, but better! Oh Ya,  Big YUM!! We had a lovely day celebrating life!!