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Slip Away On A Nostalgic Aromatherapy Journey

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Or, Our History…Best 1st Farm pic2Our Aromatherapy journey began in 2003 when my husband & I had a “dream” of growing lovely fragrant Organic Lavender. I often take comfort in the nostalgic and reflect on how far we’ve come in just 11 years, and these photos bring joy as I reflect. Aww…this started my love for this amazingly beautiful fragrant, and hardy flower, Lavender!

We both grew up in the Hood River Valley, and moved back home in 2000. As we made plans for our farm, we decided to take a nontraditional approach with our agricultural operation. Instead of farming pears, apples or cherries, we planned to raise lovely Lavender flowers!! This was clearly a perfect fit for me, as I immediately saw the opportunity to integrate it with my career as an Aesthetician & Cosmetologist. Many studies have linked this plant to feelings of calming peace and well-being, so I began to incorporate it into relaxation & healing-inducing merchandise.

We planted an experimental plot on 2 1/2 acres, beginning with 2300 Lavandula, x-intermedia Grosso plants. We choose this particular variety of Lavandin, L. x-intermedia because it’s hardy to our zone, and it has a lovely bold fragrant aroma, making it perfect for use around the house in sachets, neck wraps, eye pillows, refreshing spritzer, as home refresher, just to name a few.


Best 1st Farm picWe also planted  a few thousand Lavandula angustifolia, or English Lavender, in 10 different varieties. This True Lavender, would be used for our Culinary lavender, for cooking delicate delights that would entice our palette! We planned to also distill the L. angustifolia for it’s lovely calming, soothing, and very therapeutic quality Essential Oil.

Our lavender farm quickly became a favorite, serene get-away for me!  Yes, going there meant I had work that needed to be done, however I often brought a picnic lunch for us to eat as we relaxed at “our favorite restaurant on the farm”! Pictured above is Joe enjoying his lunch on the swing among 1000 of fragrant L. angustifolia lavender in bloom “for the very first time”!

Best 1st Farm pic3



Best pic of di 2006

I find it extremely soothing sitting in the warm sunshine as the lavender breeze surrounds me, enjoying the beauty of nature as friendly birds, bees, and butterflies flutter around the lavender blooms in this serene setting! Nothing is more perfect, and close to heaven than this!  🙂

Now we are growing over 15,000 lavender plants, over 80 varieties, on 3 farms, with one open to the public May through October; 10:00-5:00 pm, 7 days a week. We produce over 100 different Organic Lavender Products from essential oil, culinary lavender, teas, soaps, face cream, lotions, balms, perfumes, refreshing spritzer, linen spray “hydrosol”, neck wraps, eye pillows and also lavender filled bears, & puppies.

One of our customers that visited a few years back told me, “you’all don’t get to go to Heaven, because you’re already there, this is heaven on earth”! Aww..I think it is! I’m slipping away on my Aromatherapy Journey just thinking about those beginning moments as our Dream unfolds, and my love for this beautiful, calming fragrant flower continues to grow with each new day.  🙂

Wishing you peaceful days with warm sunshine and lavender breezes surrounding you, as you pause calmly in Winter’s gentle lap, and await Springtime!

~Lavender Lady XO




Happy May Day, Opening Day!! Cheers To Maximus Aromatherapy And Beauty!

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Happy May Day, our opening day for the season!

 I love the serene, peaceful feeling of our lavender farm!  Our quiescent plants are beginning to show signs of  new-growth, preparing for the seasons flowers.  I took this photo a few days ago as the sun was setting on our lavender…Glorious beauty! We are looking forward to the fragrant beauty of our lavender plants in bloom…sighMaximus Aromatherapy 🙂

We are already seeing many of our Wildflowers showing their lovely faces in bloom, as we eagerly wait for our lavender flowers. The Lupine is always one of the first to bloom, and soon to follow are the  Iceland Poppy-Papaver, Iris,  and Blue Flax-Linum Perenna. I captured this photo of our first Lupine flowers yesterday. Another  lovely Purple flower!

You will want to visit, with your camera in hand, because these beauties are stunning against the back drop of Mt. Hood! We also have a path running through our wildflower garden, with benches to sit and relax, as you take in the aromas and beauty!

These photos were taken a few years ago.

If you’re still looking for the perfect  low maintenance plant for you garden or landscaping…look no further! We’ve got 100’s of starter lavender plants on sale at our Upick lavender farm, while supplies last. 

Want MORE Lavender Plants? Why not DIY and propagate some?

I took cutting two weeks ago from this Lavandin, Sawyer, and propagated them, making clone plants 🙂

Propagating lavender is much easier than you can imagine…and there are two times a year that you can take cuttings to root- in the spring “now”,just before the plant comes into flower, and in the early fall.

To begin, it’s best to use a good quality potting soil or you can make your own by mixing approximately three parts peat moss with one part vermiculite and one part perlite. Remember that the most important thing is drainage…even a cutting of lavender DOES NOT like wet feet!

Once you have a good mix, fill several small terracotta pots, or starter trays,like I’m using in the photo, and make sure to dampen well. Now poke one small hole per pot into the mixture about 1 to 1.5 inches deep. Next, using a sharp pair of plant shears cut a small branch off the lower half of the lavender plant that is about 3-5 inches long. Make sure that the branch is soft and not woody. Strip the leaves off the bottom half of the cutting, and scrap off the “skin” on the bottom 1/4″ of the cutting, and place the cutting in the pot or tray.


Make sure to cover the bottom part of the cutting with soil. Water your cutting thoroughly. For the first couple of weeks keep the soil damp, but then water less frequently. Misting the cuttings often will allow them to take in water and keep them hydrated. After the first few weeks, water when the soil begins to get dry but before the plant displays any distress. Too much water will kill your new lavender plant. Good Luck growing your own lavender plants. You can also start L. Angustifolia lavender from seeds, however it takes a long time before you have a good size plant, at-least a year.

Many birds are actively seeking out food, and searching for new mates and nesting spots in our garden. I just filled two humming bird feeders, and hung them under our patio, just in time for a few hummers to find them. I Never use the nasty red food color in their food! My recipe is: one cup sugar, three cups water, boil 6 minutes, and cool well. They Love my all-natural juice 🙂

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Our Pink Flowering Almond bush is in bloom and lovely in front of our Retail Cottage. Perfect for our opening day 🙂  Looks like summer type weather is on its way for our opening week! We look forward to the season, and meeting all our customers that drop by for a visit, and spent some relaxing moments in the garden with us! Cheers to May, and  the new season of Maximus Aromatherapy and Beauty! 🙂

Cheers ~ Lavender Lady





Summer has Blown by..

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This has been another beautiful summer!! With all the preparation and grooming of the garden, planting Zinnia seeds around the wild flower garden, and sunflower seeds at the back of the wild flowers, and planning prep for our 8th annual Lavender DAZE Festival, I’ve felt like my head is spinning. But alas….summer is gone, with it memories of beautiful sunny days, and the lovely calming aroma of lavender. Many customers visited to U-Pick lavender bouquets, stroll through the wildflowers, and stop to blow bubbles. I smiled a lot, laughed along with them and blew bubbles, relaxing  in the moments of a wonderful summer among 1000’s of fragrant lavender 🙂


Now as Fall season arrives, we will celebrate the bounty of our harvest with hearts full of thankfulness!! Thanks to all our “awesome workers” that helped make this past season a huge success!! Thanks also to our wonderful customers that faithfully support us!! Cheers to Fall, and the winding down of the season. Relax and inhale deeply!!

Propagating lavender starts

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This is the time we start taking cuttings, and propagating for new lavender starts, while our lavender plants are in their dormnet state. Today I took 130 cuttings off one of our Angustifolia  English lavender varieties. These little cuttings will go into a starter tray, and into our greenhouse. They will receive a fine-mist watering, 3 times a day, for about 4-8 weeks, upon which time they will produce roots.  They will eventually be transplanted into 3″ containers as they grow. Then they will be planted on one of our wholesale farms. We will steam distill the flowers for their beautiful aromatherapy quality essential oil, for calming anxiety, stress, and for insomnia. I feel calm from the aroma, just sitting inside on this rainy fall day, propagating these lovely flowers. 🙂

Beautiful Angustifolia Lavender

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 Today I propagated over 100 cuttings from one of our most popular L. Angustifolia “English” Lavender plants.  When these cuttings mature enough to be transplanted into 3″ pots, I will plant them on our new wholesale Lavender Farm. After the first bloom, in about one year, we will distill the flowers for the Essential Oil. This Oil will then be used for Aromatherapy by us in our products, and by many of our customers that purchase from us on our website, and  in our retail cottage at our U-Pick farm.

Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil is extremely healing! A “Whiff” or “Huff” of our certified organic lavender essential oils helps calm jagged nerves, soothes stress & headaches, and provides a smooth “pick-me-up”. It is also very effect for insomnia encouraging restful sleep, by applying a few drops to your pulse points, then deeply inhale the aroma several times.  My husband and I use it this way every night.

So…here’s to best wishes for these little lavender cuttings, may they grow into beautiful flowers!

To learn more indepth about our essential oil read this.  

Spring rain :)

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 Lets talk about what to do when it rains, and in Oregon, it rains a lot!! I love to go for a walk in the rain, and hear the sound of the raindrops hitting the pavement.  Sometimes, I even work in the rain…. but today, after I took a walk, I came back inside to complete a few sewing projects. I cut-out, and then sewed up fifteen Quilted Pillows, and ten Neck Wraps. Then I filled them with our Organic Lavender, Organic Flax seed, and a little Rice. These soothing, relaxing, and healing aromatherapy products are sold on our website, and in our retail cottage at our Upick Lavender Farm.  We will be opening in one month, so I’m busy stocking up inventory to fill our Lavender Retail Cottage. I’m excited about our 5th year at our Upick Lavender Farm. Its been fun to watch our plants and farm grow, and of course having folks from all over the globe visit our small piece of heaven. 🙂