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Lavender All Purpose Cleaner Will Help Detox Your Home!

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Toxins are everywhere around us in the air, water, food and even our homes!! Let’s Detox our home with the pure plant power of Lavender!!

Our All Purpose Cleaner begins with our “hydrosol” (floral water) that is created when our steam-distillation is performed for lavender essential oil on the farm. It is a very powerful natural cleaner in itself, and even cuts grease. The very definition of the name ‘lavender’ is ‘to clean’. It is 100% botanical, biodegradable, “soil to bottle”, safe to the environment including plants, animals, land and water, and also to the user.

Because lavender is a natural antibacterial with antifungal properties, and has a long list of healing qualities, even for burns, it has been the answer for my cleaning product for over 12 years, because of my occupational dermatitis from many years as a Cosmetologist and Esthetician. I have continual infections on my hands anytime I encounter chemicals. And so, after years of practical usage and research with additional essential oils in our hydrosol, I have fine-tuned an amazingly powerful All Purpose Cleaner recipe that is 100% botanical, free of colorings or dyes, no phosphates, ammonia, butyl ethers or chlorine, and is very pleasant in aroma without synthetic fragrances. It is very effective as a spot remover, cuts grease, works well for dirt & buildup on floors, walls, counter-tops, sinks, tubs, toilets, kitchen, diaper pails, doorknobs, pet area, and even as a pre-soak additive in the laundry. The power of Nature’s own chemicals can provide solutions for Detoxing and cleaning without the harmful side-effects of contact to, or the unhealthy fumes of the chemicals used in commercial cleaning products. I have a choice for what I bring into my home & personal health gain, environmental protection, and the satisfaction of knowing that now my home, from floor to ceiling, is free of toxins. Our All Purpose Cleaner has the power needed to Detox your home with pure plant botanicals, and a fresh clean lavender aroma, sweet like a field of lavender 🙂

Lavender Lady Essentials

All Purpose Cleaner is 100% botanical, biodegradable, “soil to bottle”, safe to the environment including plants, animals, land and water, and also to the user.

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All Purpose Cleaner

My home is filled with the sweet calming, fresh aroma of lavender, like our lavender field below..Sigh!!Live toxin free & calm!!

Beautiful Hidcote Giant 1Best beautiful Hidcote Giant Best Lavender Field2


Calm Cheers!

Lavender Lady XO



Spring Into Lavender Green Cleaning!

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I’ve been outside the past few days working in the dirt, weeding, pruning lavender plants, and wildflowers at our farm. It feels so good to be outside at the farm again, and have dirt under my fingernails 🙂  I’ve been dreaming about it!! I love feeling the warm sunshine on my face, and the sweet song of the birds! Spring is Springing up around our lavender farm, and there are a few early Spring flowers blooming, Rock Cress, Snowdrops, Crocus, and Daffodils!Best dirty Work at lavBest Pic Spring


Now I need to delve into the dirty work in my house and get some spring cleaning done…however, I’d much rather be outside in the garden 🙂 Sigh…

To start I might grab some of our Lavender Hydrosol from our Lavandin X-Intermedia and spritz it around the house. I could also, just use a bottle of our 100% natural All Purpose Cleaner (which has a base of our lavender hydrosol along with several dirt & grease fighting natural essential oils), and get started on my household dirty work.

Did you know that lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol (plant water or distillate water) have beautiful antibacterial, antiseptic, and  anti-fungal  properties, which makes them perfect for your natural lavender green cleaning…and they bring that fresh smell of a lavender fields into your home as well 🙂

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Our All Purpose Cleaner is made with 100% Pure Botanicals, and is Organic. Several years back I started making my own cleaner out of our organic lavender hydrosol because of it powerful disinfectant properties. A majority of the ingredients come directly from our lavender plants. The base is our Organic Lavender Hydrosol, and into it I added 7 pure “powerhouse” plant essentials oils, which are also antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal.

No harsh chemicals in this lovely product, just natural plant cleaning power…Hooray! I get very excited about that, because I have occupational dermatitis in my hands, from being a Cosmetologist/Aesthetician for 26 years. I “never” use cleaning products that contain chemicals now. I just spray on my All Purpose Cleaner and follow up with a hot soapy cloth or mop. This cleaner is safe for the user and the environment! It cuts grease, dirt & buildup on floors, walls, counter-tops, sinks, tubs, toilets, kitchen, diaper pails, doorknobs, and even mirrors, without streaks, while it deodorizes with a naturally pure fresh & clean aroma!

I started a cleaning routine several years ago when my daughter was young. We started a list of different chores that needed to be done, whose job it was, and how often it would be done. Then we set a timer, and worked steady to complete the task in 15 minutes, or as close to that as possible. So, we were essentially just doing 15 minute clean-up’s..not “Household Chores” that drug on all afternoon..heh!  Just changing the name to “15 minute clean-up” made all the difference!! So get your team together, that means everybody that lives in the house, roll up your sleeves, and get lavender-green with your cleaning! You can keep your home clean, and your family healthy, and that includes your pet area, by simply making your own household cleaner or using our organic All Purpose Cleaner.

I’m hooked, and many of our customers are also hooked on our lovely 100% natural cleaner. They tell me, they can’t believe how beautiful and fresh the aroma of their house is after cleaning with it.. like a field of lavender flowers! So get into your Lavender Green “15 minutes clean-up” and clean with enjoyment! Your house will soon begin to sparkle, and the aroma will be sweet & fresh as our  fragrant lavender! Breathe…sigh…SMILE 🙂

How Toxic are Your Household Cleaners?

Lavender Lady Essentials:
Next time you clean your toilet
bowl, try adding 1/2 cup baking
soda for scrubbing out any hard
water stains. First add 1 cup
All Purpose Cleaner into the
toilet bowl, then pour in 1/2 cup
baking soda, and let it set
10 minutes. Swish it around and
scrub until it sparkles 🙂

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Best blog pic Sadie1

Happy Spring! Even our sweet lab, Sadie is happy about warmer days! Cheers to lovely fragrant flowers and warm sunshine! It’s time for a celebration, with a Spring Garden Party! I brought my little lavender doll out to the garden for some fresh air and sunshine. We’re enjoying sunny lavender lemon cookies…num num!

Best blog pic0

Best blog pic7


Best Blog pic6

Awe..this birds nest in my Wild Rose bush captures the season of Spring so well…it displays the beauty of new life! Happy Spring to you all!!!

Lavender Lady XX


Cyber Monday Calm Shopping Online

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I love this time of year when we get to share more of our calming & healing lavender with people like you  around the country! The best part is hearing our customers testimonies, hearing about how our lavender products encouraged calm, eased stress & headaches, depression and induced sleep!

Today I’m shipping another large order, 5 gallons of our All Purpose Cleaner, to a Preschool in California. It will be used to clean floors, tables & toys, making a healthy clean environment for the children to learn & play in. And best of all no toxic chemicals & child-safe!

No matter what your favorite lavender product is, our All Purpose Cleaner, Lavender Essential Oils, Mega Therapy Cream, Massage Oil or Culinary Lavender for tea or baking, we hope you will find shopping Online an easy, stress free Market Place for you! Now through Dec. 1st you can not only save up to 30% off, we also have FREE SHIPPING on orders over $90.00!

Soothing Hot Winter Drink: Try blending our culinary lavender with fresh Ginger, in Apple Cider, for a soothing Hot drink. Recipe here 🙂

Clean with enjoyment-chemical free

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Today I did some much needed house cleaning in preparation for the holidays. I have a few extra hours in my days now, since our Lavender Farm is closed for the season (except for the occasional opening by appointment). I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t beat myself up anymore over housework. When I have the time, it will get done, and that’s OK.  We are open 10-5, 7 days a week at our UPick Lavender Farm, from April – October, so there are seasons of our life that,…. well my house isn’t immaculate, that’s not what is important at the time… but today, I’ll clean our “humble little abode”, and enjoy everything about it; it’s a new season in our life.

 To start with,  I did some laundry with an all natural BioKleen laundry powder (no chlorine bleach-no chemicals), because I have Occupational Dermititis in my hands from being a Cosmetologist/Aesthetician for 20 years, and now I brake out with infection anytime I touch a chemical. You can not even imagine how many chemicals there are in hand soap, laundry soap, dish soap, and household cleaners!!!!! In my washer I’m careful to use all natural cleaners that are good for us, and our beautiful environment too. I also add, 1 cup of our Certified Organic, Lavender Hydrosol “distillant water”, to help remove dirt, and give my clothes a fresh clean smell. After I add the Hydrosol, I turn off the wash cycle for 10 minutes to let it soak. Then I run the full cycle. When I put my clothes into the dryer, I add a “Lavender Dryer Bag” to bring even more of the clean fresh lavender aroma into my home.

Then I went on to clean my sink, cupboards, windows & doors (doorknobs too), with our “All Purpose Cleaner” that is 99% Certified Organic ingredients: Our Lavender Hydrosol, and 7 other pure Essentials Oils, Vegetable Glycerin. No harsh chemicals. The natural plant antibactorial, antiseptic qualities do the job. My home is beginning to smell, and look clean and fresh again. Fall is a wonderful time to tidy up around my home in prep. for the holidays. Clean with enjoyment!

 With the changing season, I feel peace, and satisfaction having completed a beautiful summer harvest at our Lavender Farm. Now I can relax more, spend time with our family, and slow down to enjoy the coming holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving. Lavender Lady 🙂