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Culinary Lavender-English or Provence?

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Today we shipped out  lbs. of our culinary lavender to one of our favorite wholesale customers, Lion Heart Kombucha.  Two pounds were our English variety, “Signature Blend”, and one pound was our Provence, Lavandin variety. We greatly appreciate Lion Heart Kombucha…. They produce a luscious “Lavender Lemonade- gentle infusion of lavender and lemon balm. Subtle flavor, but you will notice the medicinal “happy” effects of the herbs almost immediately”!

In the event that you’re trying a recipe that calls for culinary lavender, here are a few of my ideas on how I choose from the two varieties, English or Provence, in a recipe. I usually suggest to my customers who haven’t tried culinary lavender, to make a tea with each different variety. 1/2 tsp of Provence in cup of hot water, and another cup of 1/2 tsp English, steep 5-10 minutes. This gives you the idea of just how different and unique each culinary lavender variety is.

English culinary lavender, our “Signature Blend, adds a light, delicate hint of lavender. I prefer using it in baking sweets, such as Shortbread, Scones, Cakes, cookies, etc. However, if I’m using a bold flavor of dark chocolate in the recipe, I might add a teaspoon or two of Provence, along with the English lavender. This combination of both culinary lavenders, is a perfect “marriage” that brings a rich, full flavor of lavender into some recipes.

Provence culinary lavender lends a more bold, rich, savory lavender flavor into foods. It is great in meat dishes, beans, soups, bread, salads, and vinaigrette’s etc. Remember for a more fine texture, finely grind the culinary lavender in a spice grinder. Also,I will often use our Hood River Lavender Spice Blend, which is a blend of organic herbs with our culinary Provence lavender, in recipes such as salads, Facassia bread, and vinaigrette’s. 

I hope this helps to explain the unique difference in our culinary lavender. Enjoy baking with these lovely, floral flavors!


Here is a photo of Lion Heart Kombuchas


We love Huckleberry’s Natural Market

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One of our favorite wholesale accounts, Rosauers “Huckleberry’s Natural Market”, is having their grand re-opening this weekend. We will be participating with a display of our Culinary Lavenders, “Provence” and “Signature Blend”. I am preparing our Lavender Mint Shortbread, and Lavender Ginger Snaps, and will have samples for tasting. We’ve had a wholesale account with Rosauers for around 6 years now. I can’t begin to tell the staff at “Huckleberry’s Department” how much we appreciate them! I love to see their smiling friendly faces, while I’m visiting to restock our display, or just in shopping.  I also love to hear customers tell how they conveniently purchase our lavender products while shopping for groceries 🙂

I have packed a lovely basket full of our most popular culinary products that will be raffeled off on Saturday, so be sure and “Come Out” to say “HI”, and sign up for the gift basket! We celebrate our friendship and business relationship with Rosauers Huckleberry’s Natural Market, in our home town of Hood River. Thank you Rosauers!!

Our banner that hangs in Rosauer's Huckleberry's Market
Our banner that hangs in Rosauer

Best Quaint Bed and Breakfast

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I just restocked the gift shop at one of my favorite Bed and Breakfast, Old Parkdale Inn. It is just up the road from us, in beautiful Parkdale.  Old Parkdale Inn is a fanciful inn nestled in the upper Hood River Valley on the northern slope of Mt. Hood with unbelievable views of the mountain. Three well appointed rooms with private baths. Steve & Mary Pellegrini are the most gracious innkeepers! Visit their website:, check em out

Old Parkdale Inn
Old Parkdale Inn

and plan your next overnight stay with them.

I’m ready to go!

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I’m busy processing another wholesale order for an awesome business in Hawaii!! Kona henna. They do Temporary Body Art, with 100% natural henna! Our Refreshing Lavender Spritzer, Mega Therapy Cream, and Green Karma Moods Parfum, are a few of our products that they normally order. The Lavender Spritzer actually helps keep the skin moist, and helps Henna darken in color, as well as calm and refresh the spirit.  🙂 I’ve personally received a beautiful Henna Tattoo from the Master Artist, Maria, here in the states. Check our their site…and when in Kona be sure to visit them and tell them the Lavender Lady sent you.

The next one I receive will be done in Kona, Hawaii, with the warm sunshine on my shoulders! I can almost smell the tropic flowers & ocean…Did I mention that I’m ready to go now!