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Holiday Spiced Chai Coffee Invigorating And Soothing! Heaven In A Cup!

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As I decorate our home for the holidays, I’m sipping on a cup of my favorite Holiday Spiced Coffee!!

I started grinding our Lavender Chai Mate Tea with my coffee beans, and created a delicious invigorating &  soothing energy Spice Coffee! Aww…so Heavenly!! It’s a perfect compliment to breakfast, mid-day or evening drink for the Holidays. My blend for two cups of coffee is: 4 Tablespoons coffee beans, 1 1/2 teaspoon Lavender Chai Mate Tea placed together in a coffee grinder, grind and brew. Enjoy this luscious aroma and full spiced flavor of “Heaven in a cup”!

I’m feeling a little behind the ball these days, so having a cup of Holiday Spiced Chai Coffee, brings me the energy boost, along with a delightful soothing spiced favored coffee! Perfect to assist me in completing my to-do list for the day.


Today my dear Mother and I attended an Advent Concert again, and I watched as a tear came to her eye, and her fingers played the notes along with the Organist. Awww….traditions are the most precious, and this is one of my favorites to enjoy at Christmas! It brings to mind fond memories of my childhood anytime I hear a lovely Pipe Organ playing my favorite Christmas Carols. My sweet Mother loved the Organ, and it was her dream to play one, so as she says, “I walked in the snow or rain in Juneau, Alaska, to my Organ teachers house after school for lessons. She played it in the most beautiful way at all the churches we attended as I grew up. To this day, anytime I hear an Organ playing lovely music, especially Christmas Carols, my heart is joyful!  I hope you plan to enjoy an Advent Concert, or some other reflecting outing together with your family or friends, making memories listening to joyous, happy music!

Happy holidays and Christmas Cheer to you! 🙂



Nothing Warms My Heart Like a Lavender Bouquet!

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Here’s a  lovely Lavender Bouquet for you! I hope  it warms your heart, on this cold winter day, and brings a Smile to your face 🙂  This sweet little lady visited our lavender farm on a warm summer day with her parents. It was such a delight to see her sweet smile as she walked around the garden with her lovely lavender bouquet, of purple & white flowers 🙂

Sweet Little girl with flowers

Looking back on warm summer days inspires me to continue through these cool winter months. Yes, Winter has arrived, and our temperature has dropped to a low of 14 degrees this AM when I woke up…Burrr! Time for a warm cup of Lavender Mint Medley Tea to warm me inside. Here’s to Winter, and all the beauty that this wonderful season brings us. And when I need to encourage a Smile,  I’ll look back again at this sweet little girl and feel the warm sunshine surrounding me, and feel warm inside! Keep warm and be joyful. Happy Holidays!





Happy December to you, and happy holidays!!

My Favorite Uses For Lavender Essential Oil

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About Lavender.. “A walk through a field of blooming lavender is a stroll that is never forgotten”!

Lavender is an herb rich in history and culture. Long prized for its scent and healing properties, it is also one of the most beloved plants in the garden. Ranging in colors from vivid sun-soaked indigo to a subtle violet-white; it evokes within all who encounter this plant a sense of calming and rest through its wonderful heady and unmistakable aroma. Lavender is rich in aromatic molecules called esters, which are antispasmodic, pacifying and tonic, while other molecules give it its antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory powers. One of the most consistent of the many therapeutic attributes of Lavender oil is respiratory relief. Hood River Lavender’s Organic Lavender oil is of particular benefit to respiratory relief, sinus congestion and sinus headache.

Lavender Essential is perfect to use on the skin since it’s PH balance is acidic, similar to the skin, hair, and nails. Used as Physical and Emotional support, Lavender is deeply rooted in aromatherapy. Its effect is calming, uplifting, refreshing, soothing and purifying. Here are some of my favorite uses of our Lavender Essential Oil!

Since it’s winter, for a few more days 🙂 I’ll start with relieve for ‘Sinus congestion & Sinus headaches’.

1. Apply a few drops of lavender essential oil to the palm of your hands, rub together, then cup your hands and inhale deeply 10-15x.(Hidcote Giant and Gross0, lavandin E.O. is my favorite  for sinus congestion)

Calming relief for anxiety & stress:

2: Apply a few drops of Angustifolia Lavender E.O. to pulse points, temples, wrists, or on a tissue, and inhale deeply 10-12x.

Soothing Massage for sore muscles:

3. Add 15-20 drops Angustifolia Lavender E.O. into a good quality carrier oil, Sweet Almond, Olive,  Jojoba, Grape-seed, or Sunflower Oil. This is a particularly effective way to apply the lavender oil when you have tight, sore muscles, under stress, or have sustained an injury. Great on tired hands and feet 🙂 The oils will be absorbed quickly into the blood stream, thus assisting the body and mind.

Soothing bath:

3. Add 10-15 drops Angustifolia Lavender E.O. into the bath water, enjoy a soothing, relaxing soak.

For Insomnia, sleep-aid:

4. Apply a few drops of Angustifolia Lavender E.O. to pulse points, and on tissue, or pillow, inhale 10-12x, and have Sweet Dreams!

For a clearer complexion, and soothing relief on Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis, Folliculitis:

5. Lavender is a natural antiseptic and astringent, that helps tone, balance and control surface oils, and has been used to treat acne, and other skin conditions for years. Apply Angustifolia Lavender E.O. onto your acne area, and also in your bath water to soothe your skin. You could also, add 15-20 drops  to a 2 oz  mist spray bottle of distilled water, and sprayed onto the irritated skin area to help soothe and heal.

First aid-Antiseptic-Antibacterial:

6. Apply Angustifolia Lavender E.O. to irritated area for cuts, burns, insect bites or stings, poison oak, ivy, and athlete’s foot. Great for everyday “Farmers” cuts to assist healing & stop infection.

For calming, balancing aroma in your home:

7. Add a 10-12 drops Angustifolia Lavender E.O. into the top dish of an ‘essential oil diffuser‘ or a ‘vaporiser’ with water.

Fresh bathroom:

8. Add a few drops Grosso Lavandin, or Angustifolia Lavender E.O.  on the edge of your toilet paper roll, a few drops around drains, trash bins, or toilet bowl water.

Freshen linens for that “natural lavender garden aroma”:

9. Apply 10-drops Grosso Lavandin E.O. onto wash cloth or towel into the dryer.

Lavender’s lovely aroma is rich, and camphoric sweet, with an herbaceous floral note. It is a truly magical plant and those who have ever been enticed and seduced by its sweet heady aroma become enamored for life!! As I said before, A walk through a field of blooming lavender is a stroll that is never forgotten! It is tranquil, serene and balancing to the body as well as the psyche. Aww..inhale deeply! 🙂





A Few Of My Favorite Things At Christmas

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My Mother and I enjoyed the Christmas Carols at the Advent Concert this week. It brought back sweet memories of our family gatherings when Grandmother would play the piano, or her Mandolin, as we sang our favorite Christmas Carols, “Joy The World and Hark The Herald Angels Sing” ! Hearing these songs again inspires a spirit of caring,  love, and sharing with family & friends, and there’s nothing more wonderful than that!

With the chilly temperatures and snow falling outside I get inspired to bake some of our favorite cookies and breads, with a cup of  hot chocolate in hand!  Awe…the traditions and memories of baking with my dear daughter when she was younger, these are such fond memories! I still love to bake gingerbread cookies, only now I make it with a twist…”Lavender Gingersnaps”, or “Molasses Lavender Cutout Cookies”. Culinary Lavender is a great compliment with ginger and molasses. Another favorite recipe of mine is Christmas “Stollen” German Bread, and Christmas “Panettone” Italian Bread. I fill these breads with dried Pluots, raisins and nuts, “soaked overnight in Brandy or Rum”…that’s my secret to this wonderful holiday bread.

After a day of baking,  I have the urge to get out doors and play!! I invited a couple young girls from next door, and their Mother to join me.  We had a wonderful  Snow day, making Snow Gals!! Do you ever feel “Upside Down” like our snowman from the stress of life?…Inhale the calming aroma of lavender essential oil, then get outside and play in the Snow…if you’re luck to have some! Our dog Sadie loves to help out too, and pose for photos afterward 🙂

A beautiful white blanket covers the lavender, transforming the garden into our Winter Wonderland!  We are thankful for the beauty that surrounds us, and fills our lives. <3

Merry Christmas, and may you enjoy wonderful moments with your family and friends this holiday season! Have a peaceful, joyous, and safe holiday! Best to you always,

Lavender Lady

Stocking Stuffer For Your Precious Pet!

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your pet? We are pet lovers too, so we have the perfect gift that says “we care how you feel”! Our Precious Pet Salve helps soothe skin conditions, and calm anxious pets. It is a potent natural antiseptic and astringent, that helps to moisturize, and encourage healing of dry skin, hot spots, eczema, dermatitis, minor cuts and wounds, abrasions and help alleviate pain and itching. It’s extremely hydrating and nurturing to skin, due to the rich natural butters and oils blended into this amazing salve. This rich and healing Pet Salve is All Natural and Pet Safe! Perfect Precious Pet Stocking Stuffer!

Our two Precious Pets Sadie & Gunther wish you and your pets a Happy Holiday, filled with joy, peace, and many wonderful memories!




Local Handcrafted Art, Crafts, & Cookies

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Last Chance Holiday Bazaar is this weekend, December 8, and 9th, with over 40  local Artist and Crafters at the Hood River County Fairgrounds. We will again be participating in this holiday event. Our booth will be stocked with a variety of holiday gift packs, and many of our most popular lavender bath and body products. This event is a highlight of our holiday season, because many of these vendors are local business friends of ours. It feels like a social gathering of friends and family under one roof, and we have the opportunity to share holiday cheer and warm hugs. We look forward to seeing you this weekend if you can come out. As always, parking and admission are Free!

I hope you are enjoying a warm, happy holiday with your family and friends!

Many of these lovely, fragrant Petite Lavender Wreaths will be available at our booth.

Lavender Ginger Snaps are one of my favorite holiday cookies!

The recipe is on our Recipe Page


BOGO FREE Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!

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Here are some of my favorite lavender products at great reduced prices, BOGO FREE!

and more great deals, check em out!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday!




Natural Pet Care “Precious Pet Salve”

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We just dropped off an order of our newest product “Precious Pet Salve” at Gorge Dog in Hood River! We are very excited about this healing salve for our Precious Pets! It is All Natural and Pet safe!

This amazing product was formulated after many requests from our customers for a healing product for pets. Precious Pet Salve is very healing, and we have used this on our own dogs for everything from scrapes to a nasty neck wound from a wild coyote attack! Our Jack Russell was attacked, during the day while he was tethered in our front yard, next to his kennel… that’s probably what saved his life! Joe found him inside his kennel with a large wound on his neck, and we rushed him to the Vet. He received a shot of antibiotics, and we proceeded to care for his wound, cleaning it daily with lavender essential oil,  and applying our shea butter salve, and wrapping it in gaze & medical tape. He looked like a ninja dog 🙂 In 6-8 weeks his wound was healed.

Our Precious Pet Salve is formulated with unrefined Shea Butter, Mango Butter, and our Lavender Essential Oil along with our Helichrysum Immortelle, and Clary Sage, and other powerful healing oils, and essential oils with natural antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It moisturizes and encourages rapid healing, and stimulates cellular regeneration, increasing blood flow to wounds, minor cuts, abrasions, dry skin, hot spots, eczema, dermatitis and burns, also helps alleviate pain and itching. Helps calm down anxious pets and hydrate the skin. Precious Pet Salve is made in small batches, and is to be used liberally on the affected areas. Store in a cool area, as it will melt at hot temperatures. This amazing Salve has an earthy aroma from the lavender, Immortell, Clary Sage, Lemon, Cedarwood, Oakmoss etc., that helps prevent further licking and biting of the irritated area on your Precious Pet 🙂 Don’t let your pet suffer ….


This question was asked by one of our customers: “Can this salve be ingested by animals? Some will want to lick the salve when you spread it on their sore.”

Thanks for your email. Yes, it is pet safe if they lick it. If they ate the whole tin at one time it may loosen them up a bit, but just licking it when applied to the affected surface, should be fine. This amazing Salve has an earthy aroma from the lavender essential oil and other essential oils that helps prevent further licking and biting of the irritated area on your Precious Pet 🙂  All natural butters and oils are used in our pet care formulas, but often products on the market will use other synthetic or petroleum carriers. You can warm the salve up in your palm to make it more liquid if that helps apply it to the animals skin. May your precious pets be healthy, we all LOVE them!

Splendid Sunday Relaxing In The Garden

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It was a calm, peaceful day and many folks came out to visit and enjoy the beautiful fruit trees in bloom. Lavender plants were purchased for landscaping their homes and businesses. People enjoyed strolling around our garden, laying down in the lawn :), greeting our Lab Sadie, and blowing bubbles.  I enjoyed watching a father and his 2 year old daughter blow bubbles and laugh together for about an hour! Lovely & sweet!

An artist from Sisters also visited our lavender farm, sitting under our Arbor, enjoying the calm garden, she captured the beauty of nature on her canvas.

A lot of people relaxed on the patio, sipping on Lavender Mint Tea,  slowing down a few minutes to bask in the calming serene Sunday, while birds sang sweetly, with hummingbirds dancing around their feeder. True quality time happened, and special memories were made!! This is what Life is all about! Thankful!! I do love my job!

Healthy Relief With Lavender And Shea Butter

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Wow, when you think you’ve tried it all to help relieve extremely dry, cracked, damaged skin from the elements of winter dryness, wind, and sun …Then you are going to love these skin-nourishing balms and Body Butters to heal, soothe and stimulate healthy tissue, providing much needed relief  for your body, face, lips, and feet.

Today I’m blending a batch of  Lavender Balm, and our X-Treme Body Butter,  made with 100% natural and Unrefined Shea Butter. It is naturally processed, not depleting any of it’s healing and medicinal properties!  Shea Butter is high in linoleic acid which helps regenerate new skin cells. Dry skin indicates a lack of moisture and collagen production, and Shea Butter helps stimulate skin collagen. Our Balm and Body Butters are blended with Shea Butter, our Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oils, and other healing essential oils providing skincare products that are ideal for dry skin, dermatitis, sunburns, ulceration, and other skin irritations and chapping. You can use them freely, and feel confident, and assured that these healing balms are made with the most natural ingredients. All to help nourish you skin back to it’s soft, supple, and healthy state!  🙂

X-Treme Body Butter: Unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Wheat Germ oil, and essential oils of Lavender, Vanilla, Sea Buckthorn, Ylang Ylang, Carrot Seed, Tea Tree, Melissa, Comfrey Root and Geranium.

Lavender Shea Butter Balm: Unrefined Shea Butter Wheat Germ oil, Lavender essential oils( Grosso & Angustifolia Blend) Natural Beeswax.


The RAW natural Shea Butter that I use!

I have a great source for unrefined Shea Butter that comes direct from Ghana. I buy it in 20 lb. blocks, and it has only been melted once to pack it. This ensures the rich nutrients that are inherit in Shea Butter are not lost upon repeated melting to ‘package’ the product. It is a Shea Butter like no other!