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Throw Back Summer And Lavender DAZE Festival

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We’re still experiencing chilly winter weather, so today I’m enjoying a little daydream!!

Throw back Summertime!!


Awe..I’m surrounded by warm sunshine, and a lovely fragrant lavender aroma as I stroll through the lavender fields!! I’m enchanted by lovely garden music by Moe Dixon, and other great bands. And the heavenly calming lavender aroma brings sweet peace in my soul!! 🙂 Just five months away, and I can hardly wait!!  Won’t you sit back, and enjoy this daydream with me? 🙂

These beautiful photos are from our 9th annual Oregon Lavender DAZE! This is always a favorite summertime family event in our community! Many happy people show up to enjoy the festivities strolling through lavender fields, cutting fragrant lavender bouquets, dancing to the music, or just chillin under the big tents!! Oh, I’m smiling again!!

Lovely views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, and our gorgeous Hood River Valley make our setting surreal!!

We are anticipating another great year for our 12th  Oregon Lavender DAZE Festival this July 2nd & 3rd.  We have a great line-up of arts & craft vendors, food vendors, and talented bands. And as always, our Lavender DAZE T-shirts will be available! This awesome graphic art is done by our friend Steve Johannsen!! My gals and I have always tie-dyed our own Tees! They look “super cool”,  like the one my son, Nathan is wearing!  We hope you will plan to join us, and de-stress in the  heavenly calm that fills our lavender farm!!  🙂

What a sweet throw back daydream, thanks for sharing it with me!


P.S. For more photos of more current Lavender DAZE Festival check our Flickr


Enjoy More Calming Peace In The New Year – 2016!

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Here are a few of our most joyful, calm, moments at our surreal lavender farm! We hope you will sit back and enjoy them as you Smile along with us! 🙂 We had an amazing year, and are looking forward to making more delightful, enchanting memories this coming year – 2016!! Cheers!! Music by Richard Tillinghast & Onehum

May this be the Best year ever filled with much love, calming peace, and relaxing times for you! Get outdoors, and find healing beauty, as you look into the face of a flower! 🙂

Best lavender daze pic 2 bob kochBest Tiffany in WildflowersIMG_2567[1]IMG_3367Cheers to a beautiful New Year 2016!!

Much Love, Lavender Lady

Lavender All Purpose Cleaner Will Help Detox Your Home!

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Toxins are everywhere around us in the air, water, food and even our homes!! Let’s Detox our home with the pure plant power of Lavender!!

Our All Purpose Cleaner begins with our “hydrosol” (floral water) that is created when our steam-distillation is performed for lavender essential oil on the farm. It is a very powerful natural cleaner in itself, and even cuts grease. The very definition of the name ‘lavender’ is ‘to clean’. It is 100% botanical, biodegradable, “soil to bottle”, safe to the environment including plants, animals, land and water, and also to the user.

Because lavender is a natural antibacterial with antifungal properties, and has a long list of healing qualities, even for burns, it has been the answer for my cleaning product for over 12 years, because of my occupational dermatitis from many years as a Cosmetologist and Esthetician. I have continual infections on my hands anytime I encounter chemicals. And so, after years of practical usage and research with additional essential oils in our hydrosol, I have fine-tuned an amazingly powerful All Purpose Cleaner recipe that is 100% botanical, free of colorings or dyes, no phosphates, ammonia, butyl ethers or chlorine, and is very pleasant in aroma without synthetic fragrances. It is very effective as a spot remover, cuts grease, works well for dirt & buildup on floors, walls, counter-tops, sinks, tubs, toilets, kitchen, diaper pails, doorknobs, pet area, and even as a pre-soak additive in the laundry. The power of Nature’s own chemicals can provide solutions for Detoxing and cleaning without the harmful side-effects of contact to, or the unhealthy fumes of the chemicals used in commercial cleaning products. I have a choice for what I bring into my home & personal health gain, environmental protection, and the satisfaction of knowing that now my home, from floor to ceiling, is free of toxins. Our All Purpose Cleaner has the power needed to Detox your home with pure plant botanicals, and a fresh clean lavender aroma, sweet like a field of lavender 🙂

Lavender Lady Essentials

All Purpose Cleaner is 100% botanical, biodegradable, “soil to bottle”, safe to the environment including plants, animals, land and water, and also to the user.

*On Sale Now!



All Purpose Cleaner

My home is filled with the sweet calming, fresh aroma of lavender, like our lavender field below..Sigh!!Live toxin free & calm!!

Beautiful Hidcote Giant 1Best beautiful Hidcote Giant Best Lavender Field2


Calm Cheers!

Lavender Lady XO



Black Friday Sale ~ Goodness For You

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Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! We give thanks with a grateful heart for all our wonderful customers!! We love sharing our calming, soothing, healing Organic Lavender with you 🙂 When Life Gets To YOU~Get To The Lavender!!

Be Well & Safe this holiday season!!



HUGE SAVINGS on your Favorite Organic Lavender Products from Hood River Lavender Farms!

Save Up To 40%!


Focus On The Flowers…No Stress Here!!

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Ahhhh 🙂 Summertime and lovely Lavender flowers, bringing their healing, calming blissful aroma!!  Our lavender farm is “bursting” into lovely, fragrant blooms that are intoxicating and glorious 🙂

IMG_3940Di & lavender beautiesIMG_4044

Beautiful daze for lavender and family fun on the farm!!


Every day is delightful, & serene on our lavender farm, bringing 100’s of folks from all over the country to u-pick their own lovely lavender bouquet, and spend relaxing moments together. We’ve had several large tour groups just this week, one group was with the Kentucky Farm Bureau. They enjoyed a short tour, sampled our refreshing lavender lemonade, as they relaxed on our patio or stroll around touching the heart & essence of this stunning, fragrant flower~Lavender!! Several enjoyed cutting their own lavender bouquet to carry home with them!! Thank you for visiting us!


IMG_4129I love all our wonderful, happy people! Young and old…I especially enjoy the energy filled, joyful children, experiencing organic green-living outside in nature, with lavender, wildflowers & happy Bees!! They warms my heart as families enjoy quiet, calm moments together….Yes, Got Lavender! Got Calm!!No Stress Here as you focus on the flowers and smile!! Thanks for visiting us, and sharing our love of Lavender & nature!! You make our #summertimefine  & Beautiful! 🙂

Cheers 🙂

Lavender Lady


15% All Lavender this Weekend!

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Save 15% Off Everything we have on our site this weekend!

Enter Code: ‘SpringMe’ upon checkout page.



Have a Marvelous Weekend!!!

Lavender Lady xx

Warm It Up And Wrap It Around

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Our Lavender Neck Wrap is one of the first heat-able Wraps that I developed. It has become a very popular healing Wrap when heated, for soothing tired sore muscles, stress and tension of the neck, shoulders, and even the tummy. It can also be cooled in the freezer and used as a cold compression wrap, that feels wonderful placed around the top of the knee to relieve pain or inflammation. The Wrap will hold cold temperature or heat (flipping sides) long enough for a therapeutic application. It is bringing abundant relief to many happy customers! 🙂

Best pic Julia Neckwrap

This year I discovered another wonderful use for the Wrap! I had a sweet 90 year old neighbor that was experiencing a lot of inflammation and joint pain from Arthritis in her left hand , so I gave her one of our Neck Wraps to help relieve her uncomfortable condition. I showed her how to heat it up and place it on her hand, warming it, which in turn relieved her discomfort and pain. 🙂 She Loves her new soothing wrap!!

Bettes hand


I love to hear customers tell me about the healing relief of our Lavender Neck Wrap. Relief of discomforting stress from tired aching muscles, and soothing comfort for cold hands, and  knees experiencing joint pain. We give extra care and attention to every detail from sewing, and filling each Neck Wrap. It is filled with our Organic Lavender buds, giving natural therapy from the relaxing aroma of Lavender, Flax Seed and Rice. The Wrap can be heated in the microwave for 30 seconds intervals, offering the benefit of aroma and heat.  It’s also small enough to take with you when you travel.

The next time you are experiencing aching muscles, pain, tension in the neck, and shoulders, or are just feeling a bit under the weather with cold aching hands, get your Neck Wrap, “warm it up and wrap it around” yourself for soothing, healing aromatherapy! Sweet relief 🙂



A Beautiful Day And Year Ahead!

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2014 is off to a wonderful start, and with the new year comes another Birthday!!  Cheers to a whole new year to enjoy the love of family and friends,and beauty & aroma of this lovely flower Lavender! My ultimate aspiration is to love more, give more, and care about others more than myself!! <3

I can’t wait to see what’s next in this beautiful year…today is my birthday and it’s Party Time!! 🙂


Life is good! Cheers to Life, Love, and Lavender beauty & aroma that surrounds me! Here I am just a few years 16 years old 🙂

To start my Birthday off, I’m listening to a video of  Moe Dixon singing & playing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on his Uke, from our Lavender DAZE Festival. Lovely, Lovely Happy Music! Enjoy your day and year doing the special things that make you Happy! 🙂


Merry Christmas Eve Eve

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Today I’m baking more yummy goodies for my family and friends! This is my favorite Holiday Cookie, Gingerbread Boys, with the addition of our Culinary Lavender! Turn up the Christmas Music, as I get my Christmas on! 🙂
I will decorate some Gingerbread Boys by piping on eyes, mouth, buttons and clothes, giving these cookies their own Joyous expression 🙂 …just in time for Christmas!

It’s beginning to look and smell all Christmassy around our  house!! Hope you are enjoying your Holiday with family and friends! Be safe during your travels, and have a Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!

Joyful Christmas Cheers!

Lavender Lady


Angelic Christmas Music

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My Mother & I enjoyed this beautiful Christmas Advent Concert. The wonderful old pipe organ combined with the piano was extremely beautiful, Angelic! I can’t think of a more perfect moment to share with my dear Mother, especially since she loves playing the organ also!



Christmas Advent Concert Pipe Organ