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Hi, I love everything creative & beautiful! At age 12yrs old my grandmother taught me to knit, crochet, tatting, and sewing. I am a Cosmetoligist and Esthetician of over 25 yrs. I enjoy rustic bread baking, flowers, gardening, and many outdoor activities - hiking, biking, cross-country skiing. I love taking slow walks around the beautiful fields and country roads with our sweet lab Ella. I enjoy just sitting in our field of Lavender taking in the serene beauty, of our little piece of Heaven! This brings extreme calming peace to my soul. I try to find the joy in simple things, and be thankful for my blessings, my family! I'm married to my soulmate, Joe. We grew up together in Hood River, Oregon. I am a mother of 3 children, 2 are living, and one is in paradise running through lovely fields of flowers! Life is good as you find the joy in every moment!! <3

It’s time to be DAZED in fields of Lavender once again!!!

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We’re celebrating our 12th Annual Lavender DAZE Festival this weekend, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-5:00. It’s time to love on some lavender, enjoy the warm sunshine, special moments with family & friends, and breath in that heavenly calm aroma!! 🙂Hannanh is ready to celebrate lavender DAZEJune lavender Peak Bloom

You can stroll through our fields of lavender, with surreal mountain views, as you cut your own lovely fragrant lavender bouquet!Lady with yellow in lavender

Best upicking lavender daze 2014 (Photo by Cari Gesch)

We have many things at our DAZE Fest for the whole family to enjoy from live music, vendor booths,  hands-on Lavender Wand making activity, children’s booth with face painting & Lady Bug release,  food &  fresh fruit,  and even wine tasting by Stave and Stone winery.Elena and Abby show Wand making craft2pic by cari geschAll ages can enjoy making a Lavender Wand, sometimes called a Victorian Sachet.  Our gals will assist as you begin your lavender wand and give you helpful tips, using a simple basket weave with ribbon. The sweet aroma of the lavender with bring calming peace as you complete your own Wand to take home with you 🙂

Best lavender daze pic 2 bob koch

IMG_1187The big tents are up and we’re ready to celebrate this beautiful purple flower that we love!IMG_1198Diane with KATU

We greatly appreciate KATU for coming out this week for a live interview about our Oregon Lavender DAZE Festival!! Thank you!!!

We hope you’ll plan to join us with your family and friends! It’s all about lavender and it’s heavenly beauty and aroma!! Let’s get DAZED together!

Cheers to Lavender 🙂

Lavender Lady

Happy first weekend for U-pick at our Lavender Farm!!!

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What a beautiful weekend to U-pick on the farm!! This is what we’ve all been waiting for 🙂  We’re ecstatic about these gorgeous purple flowers, and many folks are too!! 🙂

Upicking lavenderPeople came out to pick their first lavender bouquet, and others were excited repeat customers. The lovely calming aroma lifted their spirits, as they strolled through the lavender fields in search of those perfect lovely blooms of dark purple, lavender, and even white!

family fun picking lavenderfresh cut lavender bouquet for her graduation party

Upicked lavender bouquets for her weddingThe lady on the left picked lavender bouquets for her Wedding!! Awww…one happy, calm bride, with her gorgeous fragrant wedding bouquets 🙂 Each U-pick lavender bouquet is only $5.00 per bunch!!

Lavender bouquets for her wedding dayThis lil gal is too cute with her own lovely Lavender bouquet 🙂

Lil girls upicked lavender bouquet

Family fun for everyone! What could be more calming than lavender and bubbles 🙂
Lavender and Bubbles perfect way to destressPicnic time on the lavender farmWe’ve got the perfect spot for a picnic for you and your family, with serene views of Mt. Hood, a calm lavender breeze, and buzz of the happy Bees 🙂 We hope to see you and your family on the farm enjoying special moments together! Come out and join us! It’s sure to lift your spirits!! 🙂

FYI, this is the very beginning of our u-Pick season, and it will continue into Autumn.

Cheers to this Lavender!!

XO Lavender Lady

Spring Gardening~Blue Sky, Lavender, Rain And Rainbows~

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Spring is unfolding little by little at our Lavender farm, so it’s time to delve into some spring clean-up!! This is one of my favorite places to be early in the year, working on the farm!! Fresh air, sunshine and a little rain, are all so invigorating to my soul!

Today I’m pruning our “Kniphofia”,  or commonly known as Red Hot Poker plants. While another gal weeds around 100’s of new baby lavender plants that were planted early summer last year. Get those weeds “Out” while the roots are still tiny and the soil is soft!! Thank you!!

early spring 2016 10

All 4000 lavender plants just got haircuts, in prep for this seasons blooms. The lovely lavender aroma wafts through the air surrounding us as we work 🙂 I just love to gently rub my hands across the nicely pruned lavender and inhale that fresh healing aroma. The lavender looks so beautiful and it’s not even in bloom!! We’ll have to wait until June to see blooms on these Angustifolia “English” lavender, and  I Can’t Wait!!!! 🙂Best pic flowers lavenderjune-18-09-300x225

Imagine yourself sitting in that chair, breathing in the calming, healing lavender aroma!! So peaceful and surreal 🙂  I love the stunning splash of color from the Kniphofia, Shasta Daisy’s and other Wildflowers!! (I took these photos the beginning of June)early spring 2016 8  Not too early for our beneficial critters, this is one very happy little “Lady In Red”!! What a blessed life she has living on an organic lavender farm 🙂

early spring 2016 9

We had a beautiful rainbow as we were just finishing off the day! Our senses were “delighted” by the freshly pruned lavender aroma, the sweet chirp of the Robin, and croaking tree frogs! It brought a smile to my heart!! 🙂


These are some of the first Spring flowers in our wildflower garden, Iceland Poppies, and Lupine. I can’t wait to see their glorious blooms in May!!  🙂

Be sure to visit us April 17th & 18th for our soft opening, as we celebrate “Hood River Valley’s Blossom Time Weekend” in our beautiful Valley!  Your senses will be delighted by the serene peace that fills our Organic Lavender Farm!!

Happy Spring~Cheers!!!!

Love, Lavender Lady




Throw Back Summer And Lavender DAZE Festival

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We’re still experiencing chilly winter weather, so today I’m enjoying a little daydream!!

Throw back Summertime!!


Awe..I’m surrounded by warm sunshine, and a lovely fragrant lavender aroma as I stroll through the lavender fields!! I’m enchanted by lovely garden music by Moe Dixon, and other great bands. And the heavenly calming lavender aroma brings sweet peace in my soul!! 🙂 Just five months away, and I can hardly wait!!  Won’t you sit back, and enjoy this daydream with me? 🙂

These beautiful photos are from our 9th annual Oregon Lavender DAZE! This is always a favorite summertime family event in our community! Many happy people show up to enjoy the festivities strolling through lavender fields, cutting fragrant lavender bouquets, dancing to the music, or just chillin under the big tents!! Oh, I’m smiling again!!

Lovely views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, and our gorgeous Hood River Valley make our setting surreal!!

We are anticipating another great year for our 12th  Oregon Lavender DAZE Festival this July 2nd & 3rd.  We have a great line-up of arts & craft vendors, food vendors, and talented bands. And as always, our Lavender DAZE T-shirts will be available! This awesome graphic art is done by our friend Steve Johannsen!! My gals and I have always tie-dyed our own Tees! They look “super cool”,  like the one my son, Nathan is wearing!  We hope you will plan to join us, and de-stress in the  heavenly calm that fills our lavender farm!!  🙂

What a sweet throw back daydream, thanks for sharing it with me!


P.S. For more photos of more current Lavender DAZE Festival check our Flickr


Lavender Blue ~ I Love Cooking With You!

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Ella loves you 2


With Valentines Day coming up this weekend, Ella and I send you much Love!  Live and Love “in the moment”!  Oh Yes, we still have a few patches of snow in our yard, but Spring will arrive soon I promise!

For Valentines, I’ve created another recipe using my favorite floral herb, Lavender Blue. When I say, Lavender Blue, I’m talking about our lovely L. Angustifolia, or English Lavender. It has a beautiful blue color after it’s been dried. Our English culinary lavender is called Signature Blend. It’s a blend of several English lavenders, including a gorgeous white variety called Melissa.

So now for the recipe…

This delicious chewy, low-fat Blondie is one of my favorite cookie bars!! It’s so luscious and gooey, sure to drive your Sweethearts wild, begging for more 🙂

Enjoy! Happy baking!

Lavender Blondies3Lavender Blondies7

Lavender Blondies
Recipe type: Gooey Cookie Bar
This delicious chewy Blondie is one of my favorite cookie bars!! It's so luscious and gooey, sure to drive your Sweethearts wild! These Blondies are also low-fat, so go ahead indulge a little, it's Valentines Day!! Enjoy with a cup of Hot Chocolate or Coffee.
  • 1½ cups all purpose flour (I substituted ½ cup ground oatmeal in this recipe-optional)
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp culinary English lavender (finely ground in spice/coffee grinder)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 5 Tbsp butter, melted
  • 1 large egg plus 2 large egg whites
  • 4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1½ tsp cider vinegar (this helps make a moist chewy Blondie w/o all the fat)
  • ½ cup pecans (chopped)
  • ⅔ cups dried organic cranberries
  • ¼ cup semi-sweet mini chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Make a foil sling for your 8 x 8 baking pan with a long piece of foil about 2 inches larger than your pan. Push foil into corners of the pan, smoothing it flush. Lightly spray with vegetable oil. Combine wet ingredients in your mixing bowl, sugar, melted butter, egg and whites, vanilla, and vinegar. Mix until smooth. Stir together dry ingredients in a small bowl, flour, oatmeal, salt, baking soda, and culinary lavender. Add into mixing bowl and blend well. Then stir in nuts, cranberries and chocolate chips. Pour batter into prepared pan and smooth out top. If you like, scatter 2 Tbsp cranberries on top. Bake 20-30 minutes until toothpick inserted into the center comes out with only a few moist crumbs attached, rotating pan halfway through baking. Let Blondies cool completely in pan, about 1 hour. Lift Blondies from the pan using foil overhang, and cut into 16 - 20 squares. Enjoy with hot chocolate or coffee. You are sure to be in Love with these tasty, chewy, gooey bars!! (Adapted from Key Ingredient)

Chewy, gooey, and simply delicious!! Begin with Organic Lavender Blue, English culinary lavender , “Signature Blend“.

Lavender Blondies1

Add all ingredients, and stir gently with love.

Lavender Blondies12Lavender Blondies10Pour batter into your prepared baking pan, and smooth out top. If you like, scatter a few cranberries on top. Bake 20-30 minutes. (These Blondies have a soft center, so when you test the center with your tooth pick, there will be a tiny bit of sticky crumbs on it) Not to worry…it’s gooey good!Lavender Blondies9Lavender Blondies8Allow the Blondies to cool completely. Then lift out of the pan, and cut into squares.

Lavender Blondies6

Enjoy these delicious Blondie treats with your sweethearts! Have a lovely Valentines Day!

Lots of Hugs,

Lavender Lady

Boost Your Mood And Immune System With Lavender

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When I spend extended days indoors during our cold winter months, I tend to get cabin fever and “moody”, Oh No, not that!! Lavender is one of the most popular plants known for it’s medicinal and therapeutic properties having a beneficial effect on the nervous system, our nervine, soothing the nerves, balancing, and calming our emotional state.  So like Mama says, “Get To The Lavender” in any way you can to receive it’s healing, calming, soothing, balancing and relaxing benefits!

Let’s consider the antiseptic/expectorant properties of lavender that assist in “Breathing”, and boosting the immune system. To receive the healing properties of Lavender, clearing the sinus, helping fight off colds, throat infections, coughs and sinusitis, one could used Lavender Essential Oil ‘neat’ on your skin or blended with a carrier oil, as our Massage Oil is.  When lavender essential oil is applied on pulse points it’s healing chemistry goes directly into the blood stream. Awe…breathe in that calm!! Another one of my favorite ways to lift my mood and clear any sinus conditions, is brewing a tea using dried culinary lavender, Signature Blend, and Provence. Either of these culinary lavender are delightful in a tea, but Provence is know for it’s high Camphor chemistry, so I’ll often choose it in a cup of hot water and honey,  or blended with other herbs and fruit. I drink tea several times a day, so another soothing favorite tea blend is, 1/2 tsp culinary lavender, 1-2 slices of ginger, squeeze of lemon, 1/2 tsp honey or more to taste. In the photo below, I took my soothing lavender ginger, lemon tea with me on a snowy winter walk!  It warms me inside and helped bring a Smile, as I enjoyed the winter beauty and fresh air!

Lavender Chai Mate tea on my Snow Walk At other times I’ll pick one of our blended teas, and here I’m enjoying our Lavender & Mint Tea. I encourage you to get close to this beautiful healing herb Lavender, and enjoy it’s calming, healing benefits.

lavender mint tea so soothing

Winter continues here in Oregon for a couple more months, so I lift my warming soothing cuppa lavender tea, gaze out my kitchen window and see what looks like “sparkling whipped topping” on everything! It’s extremely beautiful!! I love wintertime when everything’s covered in white, such surreal beauty! When I’ve got cabin fever, another one of the best pick me ups, is getting outdoors for an invigorating snow walk.  My sweet girls, Sadie (chocolate lab) and Ella (yellow lab-puppy),  love to go on Snow Walks with me!

Ella and Sadie 1 10 2016 Besties Forever LoveElla If only I could move this snowball kick kick

Ella loves doing her Snow Yogo!! LOL  She’s a sweet mess, and bundle of energy!!

Ella loves snow play january 2016 Ella loves you 8 snow play january 2016The fresh air and sunshine on my face always bring a Smile, and so does playing with my sweet girl Ella! Awe….my little Snow Angel 🙂

Raw Chocolate Pudding with lavender2Today I’m making a decadent gourmet raw Lavender Chocolate Pudding with these staples in my kitchen. This is the Best Ever healthy take on a comfort food favorite that’s light, refreshing, and yes, even good for you! A perfectly luscious Valentines Day treat.
Raw Chocolate Pudding with lavender3

Raw Lavender Chocolate Pudding
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Vegan
Serves: 4 servings
Who doesn't love pudding!! This chocolate pudding is decadent, extremely delicious, rich and creamy, with a light hint of lavender and cinnamon. A combination that's perfectly delightful and heavenly!! And it's also a "Healthy" nutrient rich good-for-you treat that can be eaten anytime of the day. It would be a wonderful Valentines Day dessert to enjoy with your favorite bestie. 🙂
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 cup Almonds (finely ground)
  • ¾ cup pure maple syrup
  • ¾ cup raw cacao powder
  • ¼ tsp cinnamon
  • ½ tsp culinary English Lavender (finely ground)
  1. Blend all ingredients in a food processor or blender. Cool in refrigerator for at least one hour. Garnish with any fresh or frozen fruit (I used blackberries, frozen from the summer & fresh strawberries) and whipped cream. You could also add cacao nibs & a pinch of Sel Gris sea salt on top, if you like 🙂 Enjoy!! Perfect for Valentines Day!!

Children will enjoy this tasty treat on Valentines Day as well!

Raw Chocolate Pudding with lavender8

Enjoy your winter in a happy way with more Lavender!

XOXO Lavender Lady

FYI: Here are a few other therapeutic qualities of lavender: analgesic (relieving pain), anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, cicatrisant (healing of cuts, wounds), deodorant, diuretic, expectorant, hypotensive, nervine (soothing the nerves) and sedative.

***Check out our selection of Organic Lavender Oils

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Wintery Lavender & Yummy Bread Pudding!

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In the Winter I spend lots of time indoors because, “baby it’s cold outside”!! Our lavender plants are “sleeping in”, all dormant, happily covered with a blanket of snow! I love the serene beauty and stillness of our wintery lavender farm 🙂

Snow on lavender 2016 Jan 2

I keep myself busy this time of year packing orders from our website, and taking care of our wholesale accounts. When I’m not doing that, I’m baking yummy breads & tasty treats for Lavender Joe, and my friends.  🙂  Here’s a link on our Pinterest of some of the Tasties that I’ve made through the past years:  My Tasty Creations 

I love cooking with Lavender!!5-1-14

Baking has always been one of my favorite creative hobbies, and I grew up with a Mother that loved baking breads, and other pastries. When I’m baking, all my creative energy and thoughts are focused on the process, which helps me de-stress!! Baking is an amazing healing aromatherapy, especially when cooking with lavender!! As the lovely lavender aroma fills my busy kitchen, a calming peace surrounds me… just Breathe!  When I’ve completed what I made, the true joy comes as I share my tasty treat with another!

Today I made a delightfully delicious Lavender Cream Cheese and Jam Bread Pudding!! It’s now my favorite bread pudding! I used our Organic Signature Blend, English Lavender. It lends a lovely delicate floral note to sweet desserts, and bread.

Lavender Cream Cheese Jam Bread Pudding 18

I begin with these pantry staples. Homemade Sourdough Bread and Organic English Lavender. Only the best raw and wholesome ingredients!  Lavender bouquet in my kitchen for cooking with lavenderSlice your day old bread to fit into your baking dish, in two layers, then remove it and begin spreading on softened cream cheese. Lavender Cream Cheese Jam Bread Pudding 3Spread jam on each slice, in two layers. I’ve used a wonderful sweet, tart Jam that my dear husband made me, Plum Black Current Jam. It’s so yummy, sweet & tart! Lavender Cream Cheese Jam Bread Pudding 4Lavender Cream Cheese Jam Bread Pudding2

Whisk  together the custard ingredients: I added 1 tsp. English Lavender “whole buds”, into my mixture.  If you’d like, you could grind the lavender “finely” with a little sugar in your spice grinder, for a more delicate texture. Then gently pour it over your bread, and allow to sit 30 minutes.
LAVENDER Cream Cheese and J BP 7

Place your dish of bread pudding into a larger roasting pan, and carefully fill the pan halfway with boiling water. Then it goes into your preheated oven to bake 55 minutes, or more, until custard is set.

While it’s baking, prepare this awesome, lavender bourbon whiskey sauce or whipping topping. I just tossed in 1 tsp. culinary lavender, however you could grind it more finely if you choose. One of my favorite motto’s is: “Keep it Simple and Keep it Tasty”!!

LAVENDER Cream Cheese and J BP3Prepare to indulge on a taste of Heaven!! This Bread Pudding may just be the “quintessential comfort food”!! It’s my favorite, hands down & thumbs up!!

It would be a delightfully delish dessert for Valentines Day with it’s lovely red color from the Jam! BTW, it’s also a Breakfast Food, served with Greek Yogurt! Yummy!

LAVENDER Cream Cheese and J BP 4

Lavender Cream Cheese and Jam Bread Pudding
Recipe type: American
Cuisine: Dessert
Serves: 8
This Bread Pudding may just be the quintessential comfort food! It has a delightful tart flavor from the sourdough bread and Plum Black Currant Jam, and sweet delicate floral note from the culinary lavender. The rich, sweet sauce sets off the tartness of the fruit.. simply a taste of heaven!! Served warm with Lavender Bourbon Whiskey sauce, or whipped topping; or cold for breakfast, with a dollop of plain greek yogurt!
  • 8 slices white bread ¼' thick (left to dry out on a rack 4 hours or overnight)
  • *I used my homemade Sourdough Bread
  • 1 tsp butter
  • 4 oz. softened cream cheese
  • ⅓ cup good quality raspberry jam (I used Plum Black Current Jam my husband made)
  • 2½ cups milk (I used Almond Milk)
  • 1 tsp. culinary English lavender "Signature Blend"
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 5 eggs, beaten
  • ½ cup organic sugar
  • pinch salt
  • *Lavender Bourbon Whiskey Sauce
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 1 tsp ground English culinary lavender, (Hood River Lavender, Signature Blend)
  • 1 egg
  • ⅓ cup butter, room temp.
  • 3 Tablespoons Bourbon Whiskey or to your taste (Yukon Jack works also)
  1. Preheat oven to 325'
  2. Fit the bread into an 8" square pan in two layers, trimming where needed. Remove the bread from the pan, and butter pan bottom and sides. Spread cream cheese, then jam evenly over all the bread slices. (If this seems a little messy, it is)
  3. Put one layer of bread in the bottom of the pan, cream cheese and jam side up. Then put the second layer of bread on top of the first, also with cream cheese and jam up.
  4. Whisk together the milk, lavender, vanilla, and eggs. Add sugar and salt, whisk to dissolve the sugar. Pour over the bread in the pan and push the slices down into the milk mixture to be sure they are soaked. (cover & allow custard to soak into bread for 30 minutes)
  5. Put this pan into a larger one, and fill the larger pan halfway with hot water. (I suggest that you do this by the stove to avoid spills) Carefully place into the oven, and Bake for about 55 minutes, or until a knife placed in the center comes out clean. Cool on a rack for 1 hour, if you can wait that long! 😉 *Serve with Lavender Bourbon Whiskey Sauce. Taste like heaven on earth, Goodness!
  6. *Instructions for Lavender Bourbon Whiskey Sauce:
  7. Finely grind the culinary lavender, by placing ¼ cup sugar & 1 tsp lavender in a spice grinder or coffee grinder.(I tossed my culinary lavender into the pan whole) In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine sugar, lavender and egg, stir until well blended. Add butter, stir until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and stir in whiskey. Pour it on, freely, and enjoy a taste of heaven! (Cream Cheese Bread Pudding author:unknown, Bourbon Whiskey Sauce: Linda Stradley, I'll Have What They're Having)

Happy Winter and cooking with Lavender!!

XO Lavender Lady

Enjoy More Calming Peace In The New Year – 2016!

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Here are a few of our most joyful, calm, moments at our surreal lavender farm! We hope you will sit back and enjoy them as you Smile along with us! 🙂 We had an amazing year, and are looking forward to making more delightful, enchanting memories this coming year – 2016!! Cheers!! Music by Richard Tillinghast & Onehum

May this be the Best year ever filled with much love, calming peace, and relaxing times for you! Get outdoors, and find healing beauty, as you look into the face of a flower! 🙂

Best lavender daze pic 2 bob kochBest Tiffany in WildflowersIMG_2567[1]IMG_3367Cheers to a beautiful New Year 2016!!

Much Love, Lavender Lady

Memories of Summer 2015 on the Lavender Farm

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Wow, Summer went by in a whirl, blowing right into Fall, and here we are at Winter already! We have sweet memories of our summer daze on the farm that will keep our hearts warm, and smiling throughout the cool Winter months ahead. Let’s have fun reflecting back for a bit.  🙂

What’s more fun than relaxing in the warm sunshine with your family and friends, picking lovely, fragrant bouquets of lavender, or just sitting awhile in the quiet, surreal beauty of nature?!!  That’s what folks that visited us did, along with enjoying picnics, blowing bubbles, meandering through the wildflower garden, and lavender fields as the sweet lavender aroma surrounded them with peaceful calm!! 🙂IMG_9192Baby Memorial Garden 2015Best bubbles in Baby Memorial Garden Best lavender daze pic 2 bob koch IMG_3368Cutiest little upicker in cottage hr lavender farm before DAZE Fest july 2015

I’m happy for the changing seasons that we have in Oregon, because.. “each moment of the year has it’s own beauty”, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said! So we embrace each season, and breathe in the calming beauty that it brings into our lives! 🙂

We had one of the Hottest summers that I can remember this year!! Just keeping our flowers watered around the farm was extremely challenging!!  Every time we turned around, it was time to water, and deadhead spent flowers again! I’m thankful for my wonderful team of gals that assisted at different times during the week, maintaining the beautiful floras, and assisting with our visitors. 🙂 We made humor as much as possible to keep positive, and drank lots of water to keep hydrated!! I often said, “grab your water bottle, and let’s go deadhead spent flowers on the California Poppy’s, and other flowers, around our farm, and see how long we can keep them blooming”! I’m happy to say that many of our California Poppy’s were still blooming into the Fall season!! The wonderful calming aroma at our lavender farm certainly helped keep our attitudes balanced, happy and calm!! IMG_6049 IMG_8875 Best little upicker










Our Wild Asters were exceptionally gorgeous this year also. 🙂 This awesome pink Aster in the front of our retail cottage, to the left of my window box, reseeded this year from our wildflower garden! It was an extremely lovely splash of color, and a treat that our bees loved, as well as everyone that visited!!


Collage of gorgeous flowers at our lavfarmAs the season changes, we look forward to making beautiful memories in the New Year!








We at Hood River Lavender wish you a Joyous Holiday making memories with your family and friends. Be well, safe and happy!!


Girl Power, and Teamwork at it best!! Thank you, to my awesome gals!! Lavender DAZE 2015 5IMG_3369

Holiday cheers, Lavender Lady 🙂

Di Lavender lady with big gross bleu bouquet july 2015

It’s All About LAVENDER At Lavender DAZE Festival!

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One of our favorite weekends of the year has arrived–Lavender DAZE!! All year, we look forward to this chance to celebrate–friends, community, music, fun, laughter, relaxation, and LAVENDER! Won’t you come join us in the celebration?


Lavender DAZE 2015 5We have an Awesome team this year, as always, and they welcome you to our “little piece of heaven” to celebrate Lavender!!

Lavender DAZE 2014Throw back 🙂 photo taken last year.

Come have a drink. Have a bite. Have a seat in the sunshine or the shade. Listen to the music. Smell the calming lavender as you cut your own lovely lavender bouquet. Take a well deserved break from your busyness to relax and enjoy the DAZE with us!!

Lavender DAZE 2015 2

There’s a surreal calm lavender breeze surrounding the farm…here comes our 11th Annual Lavender DAZE 2015!! Yippee!!

Lavender DAZE 2015 4

Lavender DAZE 2015

*Many thanks to our guest Blogger: Sarah Salter. Thank you so very much!!

Let’s Celebrate Lavender,

Lavender Lady 🙂