Who Is The Lavender Lady?

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Diane the Lavender Lady

Diane the Lavender Lady holding a basket of lavender
Diane the Lavender Lady





The Lavender Lady is actually my mom, and she is like the most super coolest mom in the entire world!!! 🙂 ” – Nathan (her son)

Diane in Lavender
Diane in Lavender

10 thoughts on “Who Is The Lavender Lady?”

  1. Dear Diane
    What a lovely blog site, I would love to try out your receipe’s on Lavender cooking .
    In Australia here, we have a Association named. The Australian Lavender Growers Assoc.
    We are having our annual Conference this year in June, (our winter) & I am compling a cook book of all our Members favorite recipes.
    So with your permission , can I print off one of your.
    Lovely to read all your activities, & a look at the different farms.
    Next year in February we are holding our Conference in Tasmania, as it will be the International Oil Competition.
    If you have a contact address ,I can send over some brochures on the event.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Jean,
    Thank you for your kind words! Your site is lovely; with beautiful photos!!
    Feel free to print any of the recipes you’d like.
    I would love to have one of the brochures from the Tasmania Conference. This is our business address:
    P.O. Box 389
    Odell, OR 97044

    Best to you,
    Diane aka:Lady Lavender

  3. Many thanks Diane, it will be a pleasure to tell our Members of where I got some of the receipes.
    Will be in touch, & post off some brochures for your visitors.
    Kind regards
    Jean Sargeant
    Lucys Lavender.
    40 Centre Road Yellingbo Vic Australia 3139

  4. Hi Jean, “Lucy’s Lavender”
    I received the brochures about Australian Lavender Growers Association. Thank you so much. It’s interesting to read about, and makes us wish we could attend! I will share the brochures with our customers.
    Take care.
    Best regards,
    Lavender Lady

  5. Hi. what a nice site. I stumbled on to it as I was looking up Lupines. I planted some by seed this winter and now they are ready to plant. Is there any lavender that will grow in zone 4 ? I would love to have some. Thankyou. B. Sturm

  6. Hello Diane ~ I agree! This is such a lovely website, and, as well, I stumbled upon it from FB page~ Lavender, lovely lavender–I can never get enough of it – the only herb that excels lavender for me is Lemon Verbena for which I make relaxing tea, and lemon verbena sugar cookies. I live just outside of Ottawa Ontario and we have just started to grow row by row of lavender – Munstead and Hidcote – as they are the only true hardy ones for our Zone – I have started to cut the flowers and am in the process of making muslin bags with lavender for gifts for my family and friends – Someday my dream is to take an Aromatour – (www.aromatours.com) and find myself lying down in a field of lavender. I enjoyed your blog and best wishes!!

    Claudia Sutton, Forget-me-Not Herbs ‘n Flowers Oxford Mills Ontario Canada

  7. Hello Diane from SW WA! I been searching for a special blog that has the same feel I am trying to create and found your Lavender Lady site! Bravo for your beautiful pictures, geat information, yummy recipes and your personal touch! I know I will learn a lot from you. We are a very small trying to get up and going Lavender farm, Mountain View Lavender and Things (Mt. is Mt. St. Helens in our front yard!) As you look at your rolling hills in Hood River we are looking at the mountains and everyday is a wonderful adventure for us. We do not have a web site or a blog yet. I am still gathering all the pieces and hope to be selling some our products, lavender, bird houses, seedums planters and whatever else that our busy hands will find to do.

    Your farm is gorgeous and the wildflowers make my heart smile. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your valuable information in your blog site. I will be looking forward to hearing more from you and once I get up and going would love to put your farm as a link. I working as fast I can! Again thank you for providing a bit of “Diane’s World” with us lavender lovers!


    Susie Marion

  8. Hi Susan, Thank you for your kind words. Sorry for the delay on responding back…Best wishes to you with your lavender farm. It is a joy for us to share our farm with many wonderful folks. Best to you…Cheers to Spring on it way 🙂
    XX Lavender Lady

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