Spring Into Lavender Green Cleaning!

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I’ve been outside the past few days working in the dirt, weeding, pruning lavender plants, and wildflowers at our farm. It feels so good to be outside at the farm again, and have dirt under my fingernails 🙂  I’ve been dreaming about it!! I love feeling the warm sunshine on my face, and the sweet song of the birds! Spring is Springing up around our lavender farm, and there are a few early Spring flowers blooming, Rock Cress, Snowdrops, Crocus, and Daffodils!Best dirty Work at lavBest Pic Spring


Now I need to delve into the dirty work in my house and get some spring cleaning done…however, I’d much rather be outside in the garden 🙂 Sigh…

To start I might grab some of our Lavender Hydrosol from our Lavandin X-Intermedia and spritz it around the house. I could also, just use a bottle of our 100% natural All Purpose Cleaner (which has a base of our lavender hydrosol along with several dirt & grease fighting natural essential oils), and get started on my household dirty work.

Did you know that lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol (plant water or distillate water) have beautiful antibacterial, antiseptic, and  anti-fungal  properties, which makes them perfect for your natural lavender green cleaning…and they bring that fresh smell of a lavender fields into your home as well 🙂

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Our All Purpose Cleaner is made with 100% Pure Botanicals, and is Organic. Several years back I started making my own cleaner out of our organic lavender hydrosol because of it powerful disinfectant properties. A majority of the ingredients come directly from our lavender plants. The base is our Organic Lavender Hydrosol, and into it I added 7 pure “powerhouse” plant essentials oils, which are also antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal.

No harsh chemicals in this lovely product, just natural plant cleaning power…Hooray! I get very excited about that, because I have occupational dermatitis in my hands, from being a Cosmetologist/Aesthetician for 26 years. I “never” use cleaning products that contain chemicals now. I just spray on my All Purpose Cleaner and follow up with a hot soapy cloth or mop. This cleaner is safe for the user and the environment! It cuts grease, dirt & buildup on floors, walls, counter-tops, sinks, tubs, toilets, kitchen, diaper pails, doorknobs, and even mirrors, without streaks, while it deodorizes with a naturally pure fresh & clean aroma!

I started a cleaning routine several years ago when my daughter was young. We started a list of different chores that needed to be done, whose job it was, and how often it would be done. Then we set a timer, and worked steady to complete the task in 15 minutes, or as close to that as possible. So, we were essentially just doing 15 minute clean-up’s..not “Household Chores” that drug on all afternoon..heh!  Just changing the name to “15 minute clean-up” made all the difference!! So get your team together, that means everybody that lives in the house, roll up your sleeves, and get lavender-green with your cleaning! You can keep your home clean, and your family healthy, and that includes your pet area, by simply making your own household cleaner or using our organic All Purpose Cleaner.

I’m hooked, and many of our customers are also hooked on our lovely 100% natural cleaner. They tell me, they can’t believe how beautiful and fresh the aroma of their house is after cleaning with it.. like a field of lavender flowers! So get into your Lavender Green “15 minutes clean-up” and clean with enjoyment! Your house will soon begin to sparkle, and the aroma will be sweet & fresh as our  fragrant lavender! Breathe…sigh…SMILE 🙂

How Toxic are Your Household Cleaners?

Lavender Lady Essentials:
Next time you clean your toilet
bowl, try adding 1/2 cup baking
soda for scrubbing out any hard
water stains. First add 1 cup
All Purpose Cleaner into the
toilet bowl, then pour in 1/2 cup
baking soda, and let it set
10 minutes. Swish it around and
scrub until it sparkles 🙂

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Happy Spring! Even our sweet lab, Sadie is happy about warmer days! Cheers to lovely fragrant flowers and warm sunshine! It’s time for a celebration, with a Spring Garden Party! I brought my little lavender doll out to the garden for some fresh air and sunshine. We’re enjoying sunny lavender lemon cookies…num num!

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Awe..this birds nest in my Wild Rose bush captures the season of Spring so well…it displays the beauty of new life! Happy Spring to you all!!!

Lavender Lady XX


Slow Down And Get Energy….It’s Tea Time!

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There are few things as satisfying as a warm cup of tea in the afternoon or cool evening.

Many teas contain a number of powerful anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting compounds. Today I’m enjoying our mushroom tea, “Wunder Shroom Tea“. I feel the need to boost and strengthen my immune system, and energy level. Our Wonder-Shroom Tea contains Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake Mushrooms. We’ve taken great care combining only superior quality organic mushrooms in this blend, to obtain the highest level of taste and still achieve a high level of healthy polysaccharides. The outcome is a wonderfully delicious golden tea, with the aroma and taste of gourmet mushrooms with a super powerful punch of health benefits. Each mushroom has special health benefits making a wonderful soothing, refreshing and healthy “earthy” tea, designed to promote “health and energy”. It is a powerhouse for the Immune support system that encourages health, reduces Blood Pressure, and lowers Cholesterol.

So, you might be thinking, “why mushroom tea on a Lavender Farm website?“, good question. 🙂 Easy answer… it’s “Good for my health and heart”, and for the rest of you as well! We wanted our favorite customers to know about these amazingly powerful, healthy plant-based Fungi!! We care, and want you to feel invigorated, healthy and have a strong immune system! When my husband & I began drinking this Tea, we began to have more energy, and our bodies felt stronger, with less colds and viruses!! So…now Mushrooms and Lavender walk…. “Hand in Hand”, keeping our hearts and bodies healthier and happy!

Best Mushroom tea-



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Shiitake mushrooms, also known as Japanese Forest Mushroom, have exceptional culinary and medicinal qualities. They are known for antiviral and immune-boosting capabilities. Shiitake are 13-18% protein, and high in amino acids: leucine, and lysine, and have high-level of minerals and vitamins. The benefits of eating Shiitake Mushrooms are well-documented. In Japan it is taken to prevent heart disease as it regulates both high and low blood pressure, and anti-inflammatory benefits improve stomach and duodenal ulcers, neuralgia, gout, constipation and hemorrhoids. Shiitake also improve energy, generate stamina, and enhance the complexion.

Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma Lucidum) have long been used in the Orient, and considered to be the most potent of all fungi. They are known in China as Ling Chi. Reishi are known for their immune-stimulating properties and are traditionally dried, steeped, and then consumed in a tea. The Japanese government has officially recognized Reishi mushroom as a treatment for cancer.

Maitake (Grifola frondosa) known as Hen of the Woods, are highly valued for their medicinal properties as well. Recent in vitro studies at the National Cancer Institute have shown significant activity against the HIV virus when tested through its Anti-HIV Drug Testing System under the Developmental Therapeutics Program. Maitake medicinal properties include reduction of blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

I usually make a quart of Wunder-Shroom Tea and drink a small 2 oz. “Cocktail” Tea each morning with my coffee. It’s best to drink on an empty stomach. The mushrooms in the tea may be used more than once, making a subsequent “batch” that is a slight bit weaker, but still nutritious and tasty. <3

Now is the time for you to feel Strong! How about a Boost! Drink your mushrooms….It’s Good For Your Health 🙂

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Cheers to Spring & Healthy You!!

XX Lavender Lady