Slip Away On A Nostalgic Aromatherapy Journey

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Or, Our History…Best 1st Farm pic2Our Aromatherapy journey began in 2003 when my husband & I had a “dream” of growing lovely fragrant Organic Lavender. I often take comfort in the nostalgic and reflect on how far we’ve come in just 11 years, and these photos bring joy as I reflect. Aww…this started my love for this amazingly beautiful fragrant, and hardy flower, Lavender!

We both grew up in the Hood River Valley, and moved back home in 2000. As we made plans for our farm, we decided to take a nontraditional approach with our agricultural operation. Instead of farming pears, apples or cherries, we planned to raise lovely Lavender flowers!! This was clearly a perfect fit for me, as I immediately saw the opportunity to integrate it with my career as an Aesthetician & Cosmetologist. Many studies have linked this plant to feelings of calming peace and well-being, so I began to incorporate it into relaxation & healing-inducing merchandise.

We planted an experimental plot on 2 1/2 acres, beginning with 2300 Lavandula, x-intermedia Grosso plants. We choose this particular variety of Lavandin, L. x-intermedia because it’s hardy to our zone, and it has a lovely bold fragrant aroma, making it perfect for use around the house in sachets, neck wraps, eye pillows, refreshing spritzer, as home refresher, just to name a few.


Best 1st Farm picWe also planted  a few thousand Lavandula angustifolia, or English Lavender, in 10 different varieties. This True Lavender, would be used for our Culinary lavender, for cooking delicate delights that would entice our palette! We planned to also distill the L. angustifolia for it’s lovely calming, soothing, and very therapeutic quality Essential Oil.

Our lavender farm quickly became a favorite, serene get-away for me!  Yes, going there meant I had work that needed to be done, however I often brought a picnic lunch for us to eat as we relaxed at “our favorite restaurant on the farm”! Pictured above is Joe enjoying his lunch on the swing among 1000 of fragrant L. angustifolia lavender in bloom “for the very first time”!

Best 1st Farm pic3



Best pic of di 2006

I find it extremely soothing sitting in the warm sunshine as the lavender breeze surrounds me, enjoying the beauty of nature as friendly birds, bees, and butterflies flutter around the lavender blooms in this serene setting! Nothing is more perfect, and close to heaven than this!  🙂

Now we are growing over 15,000 lavender plants, over 80 varieties, on 3 farms, with one open to the public May through October; 10:00-5:00 pm, 7 days a week. We produce over 100 different Organic Lavender Products from essential oil, culinary lavender, teas, soaps, face cream, lotions, balms, perfumes, refreshing spritzer, linen spray “hydrosol”, neck wraps, eye pillows and also lavender filled bears, & puppies.

One of our customers that visited a few years back told me, “you’all don’t get to go to Heaven, because you’re already there, this is heaven on earth”! Aww..I think it is! I’m slipping away on my Aromatherapy Journey just thinking about those beginning moments as our Dream unfolds, and my love for this beautiful, calming fragrant flower continues to grow with each new day.  🙂

Wishing you peaceful days with warm sunshine and lavender breezes surrounding you, as you pause calmly in Winter’s gentle lap, and await Springtime!

~Lavender Lady XO




We have a NEW LOOK!

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We just launched our new updated website

Please check it out and of course I’d love to have some feedback. 🙂

(It’s been a ton of work!)

Hood River Lavender Farms
Hood River Lavender New Website!


Warm It Up And Wrap It Around

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Our Lavender Neck Wrap is one of the first heat-able Wraps that I developed. It has become a very popular healing Wrap when heated, for soothing tired sore muscles, stress and tension of the neck, shoulders, and even the tummy. It can also be cooled in the freezer and used as a cold compression wrap, that feels wonderful placed around the top of the knee to relieve pain or inflammation. The Wrap will hold cold temperature or heat (flipping sides) long enough for a therapeutic application. It is bringing abundant relief to many happy customers! 🙂

Best pic Julia Neckwrap

This year I discovered another wonderful use for the Wrap! I had a sweet 90 year old neighbor that was experiencing a lot of inflammation and joint pain from Arthritis in her left hand , so I gave her one of our Neck Wraps to help relieve her uncomfortable condition. I showed her how to heat it up and place it on her hand, warming it, which in turn relieved her discomfort and pain. 🙂 She Loves her new soothing wrap!!

Bettes hand


I love to hear customers tell me about the healing relief of our Lavender Neck Wrap. Relief of discomforting stress from tired aching muscles, and soothing comfort for cold hands, and  knees experiencing joint pain. We give extra care and attention to every detail from sewing, and filling each Neck Wrap. It is filled with our Organic Lavender buds, giving natural therapy from the relaxing aroma of Lavender, Flax Seed and Rice. The Wrap can be heated in the microwave for 30 seconds intervals, offering the benefit of aroma and heat.  It’s also small enough to take with you when you travel.

The next time you are experiencing aching muscles, pain, tension in the neck, and shoulders, or are just feeling a bit under the weather with cold aching hands, get your Neck Wrap, “warm it up and wrap it around” yourself for soothing, healing aromatherapy! Sweet relief 🙂



A Beautiful Day And Year Ahead!

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2014 is off to a wonderful start, and with the new year comes another Birthday!!  Cheers to a whole new year to enjoy the love of family and friends,and beauty & aroma of this lovely flower Lavender! My ultimate aspiration is to love more, give more, and care about others more than myself!! <3

I can’t wait to see what’s next in this beautiful year…today is my birthday and it’s Party Time!! 🙂


Life is good! Cheers to Life, Love, and Lavender beauty & aroma that surrounds me! Here I am just a few years 16 years old 🙂

To start my Birthday off, I’m listening to a video of  Moe Dixon singing & playing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on his Uke, from our Lavender DAZE Festival. Lovely, Lovely Happy Music! Enjoy your day and year doing the special things that make you Happy! 🙂


How to use Lavender Oil for anxiety and relaxation

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How do you use Lavender Oil?

It’s easy, safe, natural and very effective for anxiety, tension and insomnia!

Here is a short video I made today demonstrating how I like to use Hood River Lavender Oil:

How to use Lavender Oil for anxiety and calming

Happy New Year 2014!

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Happy New Year! I’ve put together a short video of some of our favorite days of 2013. It was a fabulous year of beauty and aroma as you can see from these photos.

Cheers to 2014!! May it be a wonderful year for each of you!!

2013 Video

XO Lavender Lady