What A Wonderful Year..Thank You For Being A Part Of The Joy We Feel!

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This has been a fabulous year with an abundance of gorgeous, fragrant Lavender, and bright, cheerful Wildflowers! Many wonderful customers visited us and enjoyed the fragrant calming peace of our U-pick Lavender Farm. We love each of you, and are delighted to meet you, and share beautiful moments together!! We want to thank you for being an huge part of  another wonderful year!

Here are a few of my favorite photos that I took at our lavender farm this past summer. Lovely pics of these sweet lil’ girls, a few of our cutest U-pickers, with their beautiful lavender bouquets! Seeing the beautiful smiles of our customers, and the joy it beings them while visiting our farm, is the most satisfying part of our business! It always brings a smile to my face, as I look back on photos of the dazzling, calming beauty of this lovely Lavender flower! I love just taking pleasure in “being in the moment”!  I hope it brings smiles for you as well.  🙂

Happy New Year to you and your family!

May it be another wonderful, blessed year for each of you!

XX Lavender Lady


Awe…Dancing through the warm lavender breeze at our Lavender DAZE Festival with armfuls of lovely fragrant lavender!

I took this photo early one summer morning just as the sun was creeping over the horizon, such beauty! 

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

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Today I’m baking more yummy goodies for my family and friends! This is my favorite Holiday Cookie, Gingerbread Boys, with the addition of our Culinary Lavender! Turn up the Christmas Music, as I get my Christmas on! 🙂
I will decorate some Gingerbread Boys by piping on eyes, mouth, buttons and clothes, giving these cookies their own Joyous expression 🙂 …just in time for Christmas!

It’s beginning to look and smell all Christmassy around our  house!! Hope you are enjoying your Holiday with family and friends! Be safe during your travels, and have a Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!

Joyful Christmas Cheers!

Lavender Lady


Angelic Christmas Music

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My Mother & I enjoyed this beautiful Christmas Advent Concert. The wonderful old pipe organ combined with the piano was extremely beautiful, Angelic! I can’t think of a more perfect moment to share with my dear Mother, especially since she loves playing the organ also!



Christmas Advent Concert Pipe Organ

New Monthly Specials!

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Hey, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we have a few more specials on our Monthly Specials page, check them out!

Handmade Lavender Soap

Monthly Specials-Lavender Massage Oil

Holiday Spiced Chai Coffee Invigorating And Soothing! Heaven In A Cup!

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As I decorate our home for the holidays, I’m sipping on a cup of my favorite Holiday Spiced Coffee!!

I started grinding our Lavender Chai Mate Tea with my coffee beans, and created a delicious invigorating &  soothing energy Spice Coffee! Aww…so Heavenly!! It’s a perfect compliment to breakfast, mid-day or evening drink for the Holidays. My blend for two cups of coffee is: 4 Tablespoons coffee beans, 1 1/2 teaspoon Lavender Chai Mate Tea placed together in a coffee grinder, grind and brew. Enjoy this luscious aroma and full spiced flavor of “Heaven in a cup”!

I’m feeling a little behind the ball these days, so having a cup of Holiday Spiced Chai Coffee, brings me the energy boost, along with a delightful soothing spiced favored coffee! Perfect to assist me in completing my to-do list for the day.


Today my dear Mother and I attended an Advent Concert again, and I watched as a tear came to her eye, and her fingers played the notes along with the Organist. Awww….traditions are the most precious, and this is one of my favorites to enjoy at Christmas! It brings to mind fond memories of my childhood anytime I hear a lovely Pipe Organ playing my favorite Christmas Carols. My sweet Mother loved the Organ, and it was her dream to play one, so as she says, “I walked in the snow or rain in Juneau, Alaska, to my Organ teachers house after school for lessons. She played it in the most beautiful way at all the churches we attended as I grew up. To this day, anytime I hear an Organ playing lovely music, especially Christmas Carols, my heart is joyful!  I hope you plan to enjoy an Advent Concert, or some other reflecting outing together with your family or friends, making memories listening to joyous, happy music!

Happy holidays and Christmas Cheer to you! 🙂



Nothing Warms My Heart Like a Lavender Bouquet!

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Here’s a  lovely Lavender Bouquet for you! I hope  it warms your heart, on this cold winter day, and brings a Smile to your face 🙂  This sweet little lady visited our lavender farm on a warm summer day with her parents. It was such a delight to see her sweet smile as she walked around the garden with her lovely lavender bouquet, of purple & white flowers 🙂

Sweet Little girl with flowers

Looking back on warm summer days inspires me to continue through these cool winter months. Yes, Winter has arrived, and our temperature has dropped to a low of 14 degrees this AM when I woke up…Burrr! Time for a warm cup of Lavender Mint Medley Tea to warm me inside. Here’s to Winter, and all the beauty that this wonderful season brings us. And when I need to encourage a Smile,  I’ll look back again at this sweet little girl and feel the warm sunshine surrounding me, and feel warm inside! Keep warm and be joyful. Happy Holidays!





Happy December to you, and happy holidays!!