Birds Are Nesting..Signs of Spring!

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There is lot of work to be done around our lavender farm, preparing it for the season. Similarly the birds are starting to pair up, and are busy nesting 🙂  I worked a few hours today at our lavender farm, with a young lady that I just hired to help out this season. I thought I’d give her an idea of the different types of work we do around our lavender farm. Since we are “Certified Organic”, when it comes to weeding and removing invasive plants, everything is done by hand, with integrity in our gardening/farming practices. We never use pesticides!Preparing the wildflowers for another spectacular year

So, today we cleared dead flower tops and grass out of the wildflowers, and dug out 100’s of weeds. We were extremely careful not to disturb the tiny new leaves, and flower buds developing for this seasons lovely flowers. A few of these native wildflowers are: Shasta Daises, Blackeyed Susan, Sweet Williams, Iceland Poppies, Oriental Poppies, Candy Tuff, Hollyhock, Veronica, Verbascum, Dianthus, Delphinium, Showy Milkweed, and Lupines, to name just a few. We finished clearing out about half of our wildflower section, which is about 1/4 acre total size. It doesn’t look real attractive “yet”, because it’s just waking up! It will transform shortly into a brilliant array of lovely fragrant flowers for all to enjoy, people and wildlife alike. But for now, we have lots of work to do before our season starts, and weeding is an extremely important part of any garden.

We look forward to seeing you in the spring opening weekend, April 16th. Happy Happy Spring!

June Wildflowers
June Wildflowers

2 thoughts on “Birds Are Nesting..Signs of Spring!”

  1. omg I just read that you also grow delphinium and hollyhock. I just started sprouting those seeds as well!!!

    I’ve been thinking real hard about where to put them around my house… I heard hollyhock does well as a border to forest. But that would mean it would be at least part shade…

    I don’t suppose if you know whether chickens like to east these or not? It’s a constant battle to find plants they don’t like to eat… they have free run of my yard and are great bug catchers… but they also like eating things like my bleeding hearts, pansies, and most annuals! Mums and roses they don’t like, and this year I’m trying the lavender, lupine, hollyhock, and delphinium. I think foxglove too.

  2. Hi Gwen,
    Thanks for your post about your flower gardening. I planted my hollyhock in full sun, and they love it. Sorry to hear about your chickens, but it’s great that you’re able to let them run free. I’ve heard about a small pen, called a chicken tractor. It can be moved around the grass, so they can forage, and fertilize the grass at the same time:) All those flowers you mentioned are wonderful perennials that a extremely hardy! Best luck growing them! Cheers to Spring & lovely flowers!
    Lavender Lady

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