Spring Is On It’s Way..

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snowdrops blooming
snowdrops blooming

Our first flowers on our lavender farm..Snowdrops, signs that Spring is on its way!!

I planted 100’s of Iris’s and daffodils in the fall, along with a few Snowdrops, along the roadside around our lavender farm, and in between raspberry plants at the front of our farm. They are showing signs of growth, and hopefully they will produce lovely blooms as spring approaches. Although our lavender plants won’t bloom until the end of May, 1000’s of other wildflowers around our lavender farm, will produce gorgeous color for our enjoyment.

Flowers are like joy to my soul, as I watch them grow, unfolding their fragrant blooms. Their beauty brings a smile on my face, and nothing lifts my spirits better then a walk through my flower garden! As I stroll around my garden today, while the spring rain is falling, I’m excited about the coming season! I can’t help but sing one of my favorite songs, “I Can See Clearly Now”, by Johnny Nash! I eagerly await to see the beauty unfold, as I welcome Spring!!

Lupin, Poppies & Me!
Lupin, Poppies & Me!

2 thoughts on “Spring Is On It’s Way..”

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! I have delved into the world of lupine and lavender this spring, and my seeds are just sprouting!

    Where do you live that they grow so well?

    Does lupine or lavender do well in pots?

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