Harvest Fest Weekend Oct. 16-17

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I’m preparing for the Harvest Fest weekend and can’t help but be extremely thankful for this beautiful weather we are having. 🙂 As I look out over my Lavender Farm at the perennials and annuals still in bloom-especially my petunias that reseeded themselves around the pavers of my patio, I am amazed. The hard frosts have not hit as of yet, like in most years at this time, and Joe & I even observed a butterfly this afternoon! It feels more like a September day.

Flowers still blooming around the Lavender Shoppe
Flowers still blooming around the Lavender Shoppe

Hope you can enjoy the weekend! Stop by the Lavender Farm if you are in the area and sample some Lavender Mint Shortbread & Lavender Harvest Mulling Apple Cider!

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