Marriage Proposal Event

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A few days ago I booked an extremely special dinner date at our lavender farm, a marriage proposal dinner!

Wedding proposal
Wedding proposal

While the couple strolls through the lavender gardens, cutting their fresh bouquet for their table, the caterer sets the table with an appetizer and wine. When the couple returns to the patio, he plans to surprise her with a very special dinner, and then propose to her. The dinner is served, while the couple enjoys special moments together alone, among 1000’s of fragrant lovely lavender flowers in bloom. And the gorgeous backdrop view of Mt. Hood right behind them.  We were so excited to host this surprise event!

Private Dinner on the Patio
Private Dinner on the Patio
The future Bride n Groom
The future Bride n Groom

3 thoughts on “Marriage Proposal Event”

  1. Wow, I can smell the lavender all the way across the country!

    That has got to be the sweetest story I ever heard, and the bride sounds like a very lucky woman. Hope they live happily ever after.


  2. Robin & Pazely,

    Thank you for your comments!! We were extremely thrilled to share this beautiful event with you, Pazely! We also wish you both, “happily ever after”!!

    Best always,

    Diane~Lady Lavender

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