We Love Tour Groups

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We had a tour group from Portland visit our farm this morning.  They reserved our tour package in advance for their group from Florida. The package included a garden tour, hands-on Lavender Wand class, and self-serve Lavender Tea and Lavender Scones, on our covered patio. During the garden tour I described the 70 different lavender varieties planted at our U-Pick farm. Many photos are always taken during the tour, especially of the wild flower section in the middle of the lavender garden.

If you would like information about tour packages feel free to send me an email.

4 thoughts on “We Love Tour Groups”

  1. Hi Nathan,
    Thanks 😉 It’s a struggle working in our garden with such extremely magnificent views around. I find myself daydreaming, as I sit in the midst of the beauty! I wasn’t real productive today, but we all need to relax a bit 🙂 Come hang with me again, through my blog post!
    Your Lavender Lady

  2. I love all your posts..I check daily for new ones! I wish I didn’t live so far away (So.Illinois) I am a rose lover, I grow many kinds of roses, I had just planted 12 English Lavenders, when I found your farm/blog site’s ! They have helped me alot! I was wondering thou…what do you use around your plants…rock, mulch, anything for weed control..ect..Weeds are my biggest problem here!
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful life,

  3. Hi Nan,

    Thanks for your kind words! I love roses also, but they are just too much work keeping them healthy. Lavender is an easy plant to care for, unless you have 10,000, and then it’s a little work 🙂 We use a weed cloth called Baycor landscape fabric, it is a woven plastic that breathes and lets water through. We purchased it from OBC Northwest in Camby, OR. We are Certified Organic, and the cloth helps with controlling the weeds. It helps a ton, but we still hand weed a lot. I’ve learned to control those weeds early, before they become monsters… similar to issues in my own life, “pull them weeds out quickly”, and have more peace, and calmness 🙂
    Thanks again. Be happy.
    Lavender Lady

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