Art In The Flowers

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Three ladies visited our lavender farm a few days ago from Bend. They mentioned that their art group would be coming in August to paint the lavender in bloom. After looking at our lavender starter plants for planting around their homes, they asked, “which ones are hardy to our zone 3-4”? I suggested the Angustifolia “English”, it’s the True Lavender, and most hardy.

Since the sun was out for the first time in three days, they asked if it would be OK if they set-up to paint… of course it would be alright! So on a beautiful sunny day, this is how it looked, painting in the flower garden 🙂

May 29th 2010
May 29th 2010

The amount of growth in 1 week of the Lavender and the Wildflowers is mind-boggling. The Wildflowers are now almost twice as big with hundreds more in bloom, and the Lavender has heading towards bloom a ton also!

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