A Calming Aroma, Hug Me

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We just got a new litter of plush puppies along with some new bears, and I’m busy filling them with our dried lavender!! These adorable lavender filled bears and puppies need a “happy-home”, and someone to love.

Many of these comfort bears have found their homes with patients that received Cataract Surgery, at an Eye Care Center. Those bears received new names: “I Care Bears” 🙂  Others found a home at schools in “Special Needs Classes”, for the students to hold during a day when they are experiencing pain or sadness, stress or anxiety. Their spirits were lifted from the aroma after holding these soft comforting bears. Our customers have also purchased these comfort animals for their children, Grandmothers, and friends that needed comfort. And also, they have been used for folks that have lost their beloved pet, founding some comfort from the lavender puppies. These puppies and bears are cute, and will be glad to share their calming, soothing aroma of lavender with each gentle squeeze or hug. XXXXXX

Perfect Winter Drinks: Lavender Yerba Maté Latte Recipe

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Hey, here is a recipe on 1 of our customer’s blogs. Joe and I make this Mate drink quite ofter…

Perfect Winter Drinks: Lavender Yerba Maté Latte Recipe.

I’m ready to go!

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I’m busy processing another wholesale order for an awesome business in Hawaii!! Kona henna. They do Temporary Body Art, with 100% natural henna! Our Refreshing Lavender Spritzer, Mega Therapy Cream, and Green Karma Moods Parfum, are a few of our products that they normally order. The Lavender Spritzer actually helps keep the skin moist, and helps Henna darken in color, as well as calm and refresh the spirit.  🙂 I’ve personally received a beautiful Henna Tattoo from the Master Artist, Maria, here in the states. Check our their site…and when in Kona be sure to visit them and tell them the Lavender Lady sent you.

The next one I receive will be done in Kona, Hawaii, with the warm sunshine on my shoulders! I can almost smell the tropic flowers & ocean…Did I mention that I’m ready to go now!

January Special ‘Day’

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Today is my Birthday…so I took the day off, and did some extreme chillaxing!!!! Joe and I headed into Portland for lunch at Pastini’s in Bridgeport Village, and did a little shopping at Borders. Then we had dessert at Pudding On The Rice. A quaint little rice pudding bar, where the owner reproduces her grandmother’s original recipe for Rice Pudding, and in a variety of different flavors. I had my favorite, the vanilla, cinnamon raisin, with a little frozen vanilla yogurt on top. Joe had fresh raspberry with almond amaratto!!!!

When I came home I enjoyed a yummy slice of Flour-less Chocolate Cake that I made for myself. It is like a brownie, rich and decadent, but better! Oh Ya,  Big YUM!! We had a lovely day celebrating life!!

Happy New Year!!! “2010”

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We woke up to 7″ of fluffy white snow covering our field of Lavender.  As I was packing up a few web-orders to ship out, I started anticipating my play in the snowy field outside!! I always get a whimsical feeling when I look across the untouched beauty of snow covered hills and trees!!  I watched the Titmouse, “black-capped chickadee” hop around after seeds, and day-old popcorn that I scattered out for her. I need to get outside, too!

🙂   Putting on my x-country skis, I skied down the snowy road. The sunshine felt lovely on my face!!! The snow was light and fluffy, full of sparkles, and my Lab, Sadie left tracks in front of me.

I Stopped to make a few snow angels. I named them “Contentment and Simplicity”. They are my friends for this New Year “2010”!!