Precious Lavender Essential Oil at Full Bloom

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L. angustifolia at harvest time
L. angustifolia at harvest time

We’re harvesting Angustifulia Lavender flowers that are at full bloom in the evening, because it’s much cooler. Then we’re up again at dawn, to start harvesting again. This is the busiest time of our season. But this is also the most wonderful produce of our business, our Certified Organic, “English” Lavender Essential Oil.

2 thoughts on “Precious Lavender Essential Oil at Full Bloom”

  1. Do you sell the lavender sprigs to the public? I am looking for this kind of lavender to make a wreath out of. Let me know if it is available1 Thanks.

  2. Hi Nettie,
    Thanks for your post. Yes, we have 100’s of these English lavender available for UPick at our lavender farm in Odell, OR. These fresh lavender bouquets are $5.00. We show you how to cut the lavender, and it’s as much as a 6″ zip-tie will fit around. Approx 90 stems! Hope you are able to visit our lavender farm, and cut several bouquets!
    Best to you,
    Diane aka:Lavender Lady

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