We have U-pick Lavender now :)

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A few varieties of our Angustifolia, “English” Lavender, have just started to bloom!  We’ve been anticipating this day for awhile!!  We get excited about the start of our U-pick season at our Lavender Farm!! 🙂 It’s beautiful watching  the changes, each day, as these lovely flowers start their extremely fast growth, preparing for bloom time. The English is the first variety to bloom, and the French blooms in July.  We hope you will plan a trip out to cut your own Upick Lavender bouquet soon.

This weekend is Father’s day, and we are serving up some iced mint tea, lavender shortbread and handmade lavender truffles in honor of “Dad”.

We are planning for our 5th Anniversary of Lavender DAZE Festival next month, July 11 & 12th.

Well…I’m off to dead-head Lupine and play in the Wildflower Garden! 🙂

Lavender beginning to bloom
Lavender beginning to bloom

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