All Natural “Weed-Reducer”

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organic plant
organic plant

We are “Certified Organic” at our Lavender Farms, and that means No “Non-Organic Chemicals” are used at all in the husbandry of our Lavender gardens. So, when it’s time to reduce, or elliminate those wicked weeds, many are hand weeded on our farm. If the weeds are too small, around pavers, or walk ways, etc, we reach for all natural Lemon Juice and White Vinegar. I like to pour it onto the weeds instead of spraying, which tends to make my hands tired 🙂 Simply mix equal parts Lemon Juice and White Vinegar, pour it on, or use a small brush, and brush each weed. Try to do this at a time when you have two days of dry warm weather. Sun increases the weed killing results. This works well for us, hope it works for you. People & pet friendly.

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