Colorful Contrast

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Great Hummingbird pic by Josh Aldous
Great Hummingbird pic by Josh Aldous

It was a bit cooler today around 63′. Not too many customers came out to visit, so I took advantage of the cool temp. and planted a few Gladiolas, Traderhorn red & Peter Pear peach, around the garden. A few were planted in the wildflower section behind benches, where I have old wicker “head-boards”, sunk into the ground.  Then I planted yellow Danka Dahlias, & Cactus Star’s Favourite pink Dahlias, in a few whiskey barrels. These flowers will give interesting contrast to the Lavender in June and July. We also have planted some new lavenders: Sarah, Dwarf Alpine White, and a couple “un-named” varieties that were crossed on our farm. If they turn up as new varieties, then we will have to consider names. 


Our Lupine is starting to open nicely, as well as blue flax, potentilla, geum and some other misc. perrenials. Hummingbirds are busy on our feeders, and I even had 1 drink from the feeder while I was hanging it up!! Too Sweet 🙂

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