Open for the Season

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We had a glorious sunny weekend!!” Thank you”, if you come out to visit us at our Upick Lavfarm!! Even though we didn’t have any blossoms on the fruit trees around our farm, many people were out touring around our beautiful valley, stopping at farms, enjoying the mountain views, and getting into the Blossom Weekend festive events 🙂 The customers that came out, strolled around, then found their place in a chair on our patio, enjoyed watching the Hummingbirds at the feeder. These “little bits of magic” that just arrived at our garden, gave us the help we needed to stop and rest awhile!! 🙂  

We sold many of our rare Lavender plants, as we usually do, but if you couldn’t make it this weekend, don’t feel left out. We have several 100’s in the green house still, that will be ready to sell in two or three weeks. The sunny weather inspired us to believe in hope that summer will be here soon, along with thousands of fragrant lavender flowers. Thank you all for coming out to visit, and those that couldn’t be here, maybe you could enjoy a garden in your home town, where you could just sit and soak-up the beauty of quiet still moments.



Mt. Hood making her presence
Mt. Hood making her presence

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