Helichrysum Immortelle

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Today I planted 60, 2″ Helichrysum plants on our U-Pick lavender farm. This plant is a perennial that has beautiful tiny yellow flowers, that bloom mid summer. It loves full sun, and is drought tolerant, similar to Lavender. We have about six, 4 year old plants near our retail cottage. The yellow flowers are a beautiful contrast with the Lavender.  One of our customers visiting our farm, walked by the helichrysum plants, and commented on it’s aroma.  He said, ” what is that aroma I smell, like maple syrup?”  Other customers mentioned that it’s aroma is like chocolate or vanilla. It is a lovely plant, and it’s healing benefits are endless. When it’s at full bloom, we distill the flowers for essential oil and hydrosol, flower water. The oil and hydrosol are used for sport injuries, for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits. It is also anti-allergenic, anti-spasmodic, astringent, diuretic, analgesic, cytophylactic, cholagogue and nervine. This is why we say, it is nothing short of precious. Just another gorgeous Flower!!  

Lazing around the Hellichrysum
Lazing around the Hellichrysum

3 thoughts on “Helichrysum Immortelle”

  1. Hello Lavender Lady! How are you? Oh how I envy your life…..doing something you totally love. I know it’s hard work on your farm but when you luv what you do, it’s totally fulfilling. I’m reading what you are doing and realize it’s not too late to purchase fresh lavender – is it? When can I place my first order (for fresh lavendar that is I’ve purchased a lot of your products already!)…looking forward to hearing from you…….cathy

  2. Hi Cathyluvslavendar :), (luv the name)
    Thank you for your note, and kind words!! I am doing well, and excited about another new season of beautiful Lavender flowers!! I do love our gardening business. It is extremely fun, and yes, it is a lot of work too! I don’t have glamor hands, and I’m OK with that! We will have fresh lavender flowers in June, for UPick and shipping. I’ll post it on my blog, so you will know when it’s available. Then just give me a call or email. Happy Spring to you! Take care.

  3. Wow talk about a wonder flower! I hope those will be for sale as well! Oh how I wihs I can use your UPick feature! Unfortunately I live way too far from you……New York City! Have4 a great weekend and come Monday morning I’ll read what you did this weekend.
    Sincerely – LAVENDARGIRL!

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