Spring Lavender Starts

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Lavender plant starts
Lavender plant starts

This is the time of year for new starts, and new growth. Just like the bulbs in the ground begin their growth in preparation of those beautiful flowers, the fruit trees are also developing full buds that will become lovely  apple, pear, or cherry blossoms. This is also the time of year that we take cuttings from particular varieties of lavender, for new starts which we’ll sell at our Upick Lavender Farm.  So, today  Joe and I took cuttings of a few varieties of Angustifolia Lavender, “Jean Davis” a white/pink lavender, and “Folgate”, a dark purple lavender. We remove a 2-3″ cutting of the “new growth” part of the lavender stem . We usually take about 50-100 cuttings from one particular plant.  With these cuttings, we stripped off all the lower leaves up about 1″, then we scrape the outer stem(bark) off one side only, until we see the green inner stem. Then this cutting is placed into a starter tray that has been soaked with water.  

These cuttings are then placed in a warm greenhouse, out of cold weather conditions. The cuttings in the starter tray need to be sprayed at min. twice daily to get water into the leaves, hydrate the cutting and promote root growth. Rooting can take 3-6 weeks depending on light, heat and the weather. Until they develop good roots, we water them when the soil looks and feels dry.

Lavender is drought tolerant, so they don’t like being over watered.  We take cuttings in the early spring or late fall when the plants are not in bloom. When these cuttings have developed strong roots, and are hardened off outside, they will be sold in 2″ and 4.5″ pots at our Organic Lavender Plant sale during Blossom weekend, on April 17th, 18th and 19th.

Spring always inspires me to think about the newness in life it’s self, life that will develop moment by moment.  I watch this garden transform… I’ll sit and ponder that thought a lot through out the days ahead, as winter lets loose its grip and I tend my garden 🙂

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