Sweets for Sweeties

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Today I pickup a variety of handmade Lavender Truffles & confections. These lovely candies are made with our Certified Organic Lavender by two ladies that have been making candy for over 28 years. They are hand dipped, and made from only the finest premium ingredients, by these expert ladies hands!! 🙂 I’ll list a few, Dark-on-Dark Lavender Truffles, MarianBerry Lavender Truffles, White Chocolate Cream-mint Truffles, Lavender Carmellows, Lavender Marshmallows, and Lavender Divinity. Now the hard part is to decide on only three that we’ll have available on our website for Valentine’s Day!!!! We will start taking orders on Feb. 1, so I had better start choosing soon…

Send me a comment, to help me decide, and I’ll send a free box of 3 truffels, to the winner! 😉

4 thoughts on “Sweets for Sweeties”

  1. OK, for starters you MUST have the Dark-on-Dark Lavender Truffles. This first one was an easy choice because you can’t go wrong with dark chocolate! 🙂 The second choice would be Lavender Marshmallows, that sounds Soooooooo good!!!! (my mouth is watering now!)

    As for the last one, well I am stuck between the Lavender Carmellows and Lavender Divinity. I guess my final choice will be the Lavender Divinity only because there is already “llows” in the Lavener Marshmallows. 🙂 🙂

  2. From someone who lives in Florida, I definitely give a big thumbs up for Dark-on-Dark Lavender Truffles, MarianBerry Lavender Truffles and Lavender Marshmallows!! I would not be able to buy any of the fore mentioned treats anywhere around here. You would have products “that you just can’t get anywhere else!” Which makes them even more irresistable!! 😉

  3. Thanks for the comment, nate and dimondgirl! We greatly appreciate our customers, and are glad to offer organic products that are “irresistable”!! 😉

  4. I have to agree with nate and dimondgirl, Dark on Dark is a must! I would have a hard time choosing between Divinity, Marian Berry and one of the ‘mallows. I think for sure Divinity should be in the mix because well, it’s just Divine! :o] For the last open spot I would guess go with either the Marian Berry or the Carmellow. Good luck making the final decision, it definitely sounds like it will be a tough one!

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