Another Wrap up!

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Today I worked on several of our small body Wraps,  our Tummy Warmer, and our Neck Wraps. These are soothing body comfort wraps designed to soothe sore muscles, ease pain and relieve tension and stress. The Tummy Warmer can be warmed in the microwave and placed on any sore body part. It could even be folded over to use as a neckwrap. To experience the most soothing relief and comfort with your warmed wrap, relax in a comfortable chair or bed, close your eyes, and let go! . . .Breath deeply. . .   Take the time this holiday, to slow down, even if only a  few moments, it will help you achieve a more calm relaxed spirit.   

I want to take this time also, to thank my two wonderful ladies that sew these wraps. I appreciate them immensely, because we sell a lot of these particular body wraps. Big thanks!! My arms are wrapped around you, saying thank you!!!!! Be wrapped in blessings!

The Ultimate Neck-wrap
The Ultimate Neck-wrap

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